At Home Anti Ageing Skincare Kits: Skin Renewal

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was really lovely and we’re now planning my children’s birthdays tomorrow and next week (planned that well didn’t we?!), so I have a pile of pressies to wrap when I finish writing this post.  If you’re anything like me you’ll have overindulged a little/lot the past few days and need a little skincare tlc and pepping up before New Year’s Eve - or to kick start your New Year healthy living regime!

If you’re short on time, want your money’s worth and effective results, these three at-home kits might just be what you’re looking for!

Philosophy Miracle Worker miraculous anti-ageing retinoid pads


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll have heard me rave about this already - and if you’re looking for a quick fix before that big New Year’s Eve party, this is it.  In my experience, it does what it says on the tin.  The effects are cumulative but I noticed a difference in days. NB sunscreen must be used each morning after treatment due to retinol content.

To use: The bottle above is poured into the tub of pads, soaking them in the miracle working solution.  One pad is swiped over a cleansed face each evening before bed. That’s it!

The effects? It’s difficult to measure the precise effects of skincare… in clinical tests, special technology measure minute changes in wrinkle depth, pore size etc etc. I can’t do all of that… I can only tell you that since using Miracle Worker, on numerous occasions I’ve looked in the mirror and thought wow, I can’t believe how good my skin looks.  Scientific? No. True? Yes.  The only product I’ve experienced this with in such a dramatic way is Alpha H Liquid Gold. This does all of the same things but also seems to make my lines look less noticeable - and with the birthday I ‘celebrated’ a few weeks ago, this is pretty major in my eyes.

Philosophy Miracle Worker £62 here


Murad Complete Renewal Kit


Described as a 30 day age defying skincare set, this kit features Murad’s new anti aging regimen, the Complete Reform with Glyco Firming Complex.  My sister tested this out on my behalf… reluctantly I admit, but a girl only has one face and I’d rather a product was tested thoroughly than half test everything myself.  She adored it… noticed a real brightness in her skin and said the lines around her eyes both looked and felt finer - she even had compliments on how well she looked.  Murad is a brand which has seriously impressed me in 2012. 

Murad Complete Renewal Kit £36.80 here (worth £100+)


Monu Resurface & Peel Homecare System


By encouraging cell renewal this kit helps create a more luminous skin texture and can be used alone or to enhance and prolong the effects of professional treatments. Suitable for all but the most extreme sensitive skins, it addresses numerous concerns from acne, scarring, pigmentation and age spots, to reducing wrinkle depth.  

To use: Massage in paste for two mins, add lotion & work in with fan brush for two mins; rinse off. The kit includes a full sized moisturiser with SPF15. Personally I’d prefer a higher rating but some protection is essential for at least several days after use.

Using this product feels super luxurious and a real treat to my skin, plus the essential citrus oils mean it smells amazing!  It leaves my skin feeling super clean (but not tight) and looking noticeably brighter.  I didn’t use it more than once a week, but it can be used a maximum of twice weekly.

Monu Resurface & Peel Homecare System £55 here


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