Neve Blushissimi Blush & Bronze Palette

Neve_Blushissimi_Palette_Blusher (2)

I know I can be fickle when it comes to makeup, but this is the prettiest blush & bronzer palette that I’ve ever seen.  I have such a soft spot for blusher, especially pretty pinks and corals, which I wear most of the time.  I’ve also been looking for a pinky beige almost nude blush for a toned down look with a smokey eye or strong lip. 

Sometimes I like a touch of shimmer; usually I like matt.  In Autumn/Winter I embrace the pale and generally find it much more flattering and skin illuminating than bronze, but some days I get tired of being pale and want a whisper of golden or a touch of contour. All of the above are in this palette of Italian loveliness, finally available in the UK.

Neve_Blushissimi_Palette (2)

Encased in purple, the palette is much bigger than I expected, made up of 10 x 3g magnetic colours that can be moved around as you wish.

Neve_Blushissimi_Palette_Blusher (3)

On the top row are five blushers and on the bottom, four bronzers and a highlighter.  Here’s a closer look at the colours…


Above in sunlight (to show shimmer) and below in natural light.  Please click to enlarge - I’ve had to patch the pics together to squeeze them in.


Neve_BlushissimiNeve_Blushissimi (2)

Top row: bright pink, coral pink with slight shimmer, deep peach, soft pink & shimmery (NARS Orgasm-esque) coral

Bottom row: shimmery peachy bronze, bronze, dark, cool matt tan, light matt tan, creamy gold softly shimmering highlight.




Above, shimmering in evening sunlight and below in natural light.

Neve_Blushissimi_Palette_Blusher_swatches (2)

The colours are well, but not overly pigmented.  You don’t need to worry too much about looking overdone, but neither do you have to keep piling it on to get enough colour, which is a good thing. There’s a little fallout, but not enough to bother me Several of the shades have some shimmer and the rest are matte. The products are soft, blendable and wear well on my skin… I think these tones will really come into their own in Summer, but I’ll definitely be wearing several of them to add a rosy glow in the months ahead.

Neve Blushissimi Blush & Bronze Palette, £21.95 is available exclusively at CutECOsmetics here.

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