Accessories: Biba Gretel Leopard Cross Shoulder Bag

BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (12)

What a girl wants, what a girl needs. And what a girl ends up getting. (They don’t always match up, right?) 

  • Wants: Chloe bag
  • Needs: Spacious tan leather shoulder bag
  • Gets: Leopard & gold evening bag.

Le Sigh. But it’s oh so pretty!

BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (11)

I’m sure this in intended as an evening bag, but I’m all for a bit of bling during the day, so long as the rest of my outfit is played down, or at least balanced out.

BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (2) BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (4)BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (10)

This bag is beautifully finished - I love the battered gold strap, matching gold lining (magnetic clasp) and chunky gold hardware.


BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (3) BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (9) BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (7)

I’ve never owned anything from House of Fraser’s Biba range before - and am impressed by the attention to detail…  the perfectly finished corners and seams, dull gold sides to match the strap and the sturdy zipper on the inside pocket, embossed with the Biba logo, as is the lining.

BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (5)BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (6) BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (13)

There’s not a whole lot of storage in this bag, reaffirming its suitability for evening use! There are three main slim areas inside, with two small pockets on the front which are a perfect fit for my phone and sunnies, plus a central and back pocket, where you can just about make out the edge of my purse. Plus that little back zipper pocket. But really, it’s a case of essentials only - lipstick, keys, purse, diary & phone is pretty much as good as it gets.


BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (14)BIBA-leopard-Gretel-Bag-House-of-Fraser (15)

I paused for a quick snap while racing (literally!) out the door the other evening, but wanted to include a pic of the bag worn, to give you an idea of the size and how it looks on.  The strap is long enough to wear it cross body, but I’d only really do this for daywear, either out for a smart lunch or meeting, or dressed down with faded jeans, ankle boots and fitted leather jacket.

My only qualm about this bag is I wish the strap was removable so that it could be worn as a clutch.  Other than that, I love using it and it never fails to make me smile!

Biba Gretel Cross Body Bag, normally £179 is reduced to £125 here.  House of Fraser has lots of bags on offer at the moment - if you can handle temptation better than me, check out the full range here.  Oh and please let me know if you spot any lovely soft tan leather shoulder bags! ;)

Have you seen any gorgeous handbags around recently? Feel free to link me up & lure me with your finds!

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