It’s not just about vanity…

Today was one of those days when my hair could have done with being washed yesterday, I hadn’t had time to blow dry it properly for a while, nor bothered to make much effort with makeup for a few days.  I tend to be go to one extreme or the other: completely groomed or utterly neglected, generally due to busy-ness, but sometimes due to just couldn’t be bothered-ness!

So after I had a hot shower, applied my lovely Estelle & Thild Neroli & Bergamot body lotion and blow dried my hair (using the magic potion that is Unite Boosta Spray), I felt amazing - like a new woman.  And it occurred to me as it so often does, how much these little things are all about making you feel good, as much - if not more - than making you look good. 

There are many days when the only people who see me are my kids, a few mums at the school and the man in Tescos, so truly, there is no need for a nice outfit and full face of slap.  I do it for me, because grooming isn’t just about vanity, it’s about caring enough about myself to make the effort.

I know that lots of women have so much going on that they can’t/ don’t/ won’t make time for themselves for whatever reason - a full on job, a newborn baby, mental health issues or a million other things.  Just five minutes of ‘me time’ can change our whole outlook on the day ahead, whether it’s making the effort to exfoliate & apply body cream, adding a spritz of perfume or a slick of lipgloss; looking better on the outside can help us feel better inside. There have been times when I didn’t feel I had it within me to do these little things - but when I did, it helped. That is all.

Today is World Mental Health Day, which was brought to my attention by the lovely Sera from the Agoraphobic Fashionista, who never ceases to inspire me - please do pop over & visit her blog.

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