Hair Heroes: Trevor Sorbie Super Smoother, Colour Restore & Unite Boosta

I have three Hair Heroes this month, so if you like the idea of silky, non brassy hair with plenty of oomph, one of these should appeal to you! 

Trevor Sorbie Professional: Super Smoother

Trevor Sorbie Super SmootherTrevor Sorbie Super Smoother After

Smoothed through your hair before blow drying, this creamy lotion (in my favourite kind of pump bottle) seems to dispel strays and frizz, leaving my hair soft and silky to the touch.  After using the matching shampoo & conditioner (also  recommended) I’ve just loosely blow dried it in this pic, using the GHD Air. I didn’t want it poker straight… this was more of a test to see how the product worked - and I think it does.  I’ve used it many times on a more natural wavy look and it performs equally well, but my hair is much less forgiving when straight.

It also offers protection from heated stylers & humidity and enhances shine.

I used the Beautifully Moisturised Frizz Free Shampoo & Conditioner,  available at Boots on 3 for £10. The Super Smoother doesn’t seem to be online but hopefully you’ll find it instore if you want to get this offer. Otherwise, Amazon has it for £2.99.


Colour Restore: Iced Platinum

Colour Restore Iced Platinum (2)Colour Restore Iced Platinum

It took me quite a while to work up the nerve to try this product as I was scared that the difference in colour would be too dramatic. I left it on for the shortest recommended time (a minute or two!) before rinsing.  I only get a few surface foils/highlights in my hair a couple of times a year, so there’s not loads of colour - and to be honest I thought it was fine.  It made such a subtle difference that I left it on for longer next time and while the difference wasn’t dramatic, it was significant enough for me to notice. 

This product is designed to remove brassiness or yellow tones from  blonde hair (also available for other hair colours)… I didn’t actually realise my hair had become a bit brassy until I used this - and preferred the cooler tones so much more. It reminded me of when I’d just had my hair freshly coloured.  Excuse the awkward pic - it’s not easy photographing your own head! (My hair had just dried naturally here - and doesn’t look in too bad condition after using this.)

Colour-Restore-Iced-Platinum - After

Two tips: wear latex gloves or ordinary rubber gloves while using this as the pair that come with it are quite flimsy and split on me.  Secondly, don’t use it IN the shower… you don’t want this running over your skin.

A safe (peroxide free!) and affordable way to boost your hair colour between hairdresser visits! 

*Colour Restore is available for various hair colours at £11.99 from keepmeinspired


UNITE Boosta Volumizing Spray

UNITE Boosta Root LiftUNITE-Boosta After

I’ve raved about my love of UNITE Hair products on here many times before, but it’s taken me a while to get my head around using volumising products. I was going wrong by aiming for the roots, but getting lots all over the rest of my hair, where I don’t need/want too much volume.  It was in a recent video by Ruth of A Model Recommends (one of my fave bloggers) where I noticed how she applied root boost products and finally saw the light. She basically parted her hair all over her head and spritzed the roots only at each parting. I realise this is probably what everyone else in the entire world does, but it was news to me.

So  for the first time, I used this product properly and got some actual volume at the roots without going too Dolly Parton allover (love her, but yanno…).  My hair often weighs down the roots and can look a bit flat on top, so this is my new regime when I want to make an extra effort!

UNITE Boosta £5.10 for a mini 60ml bottle (great for hols or if you just want to try it) or £14.85 for 250ml at Urban Retreat

What are your favourite styling products?

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