Butter London Shag: Autumn in a Bottle.

Butter_London_Shag_Autumn_Winter_Fall_2012 (3)

Butter London Shag is my new favourite from the Autumn Winter 2012 Collection.  Yes I AM that fickle. Trustafarian was my favourite yesterday {post here} and while I do still love it, it somehow pales in comparison next to Shag.  I know I have a habit of ODing on pics.  If you don’t like that, well… you’re probably not reading.  What follows is a mega edit.  I’ll try not to talk too much to make up for it.

Butter_London_Shag_Autumn_Winter_Fall_2012 (2)

This is a gleaming metallic… droplets of burnished rust, bronze, copper, fire…  it almost looks alive. (drama queen alert)

Butter_London_Shag_Swatch_Autumn_Winter_Fall_2012 (2)

All of these pics were taken in natural light… the following few outdoors, on a dull evening.  Can you imagine how amazing this would look in sunlight?

Butter_London_Shag_Swatch_Autumn_Winter_Fall_2012 (4)

The formula is exceptionally shiny (no topcoat).  It’s thicker than Trustafarian and takes a bit more of a concerted effort to perfect, but does apply well and needed no clean up.  I used three coats here, more to smooth the finish than for opacity.

Butter_London_Shag_Swatch_Autumn_Winter_Fall_2012 (5)

It looks more of a dark chestnut in the shade, but wherever I photographed it, it gleamed. Even now in lamplight it looks chocolatey with a copper glimmer.

Butter_London_Shag_Swatch_Autumn_Winter_Fall_2012 (6)

Butter London Shag will be on my nails a lot this A/W. Fact.

The full Butter London AW Collection is available at CocktailCosmetics priced at £12 each.  See my swatches of Trustafarian here.  I’ll be back with Gobsmacked next time: dark charcoal with silver glitter.

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