Butter London AW 2012: Trustafarian Swatches

The new Butter London collection for AW 2012 is stunning… I’ve swatched my favourite first: Trustafarian, alongside a brief intro to Gobsmacked and Shag.  (If these were children, I’d pity them growing up with such questionable names; they deserve better.)



Trustafarian is a sage/pistachio toned soft green holographic polish that can appear both silver and gold in certain lights. The gold undertones are the strongest. This is my first ever holo (that sounds rude - just me?).


The holo hasn’t shown up as beautifully as it does in real life… it’s very much there, opalescent in colour, very very fine shimmer and with great depth.  A silvery grey holo shade, Dodgy Barnett, is included in the five new shades, but Trustafarian is so unusual, like nothing I’ve seen before. 


Natural Light


When I was looking at swatches of these polishes online, my friend thought this shade might look a bit icky in the shade. Personally I think it looks good in any light - these pics are for you Lily - hope you agree!


My hands are quite pale at the moment, but I think this would work well on any skin tone.




One more in the sunlight.  I applied 4 coats for these pics. The formula is quite thin and watery, which means it would probably look great layered over another colour. It was fine with 3 coats but has more depth with 4.  I can’t comment on wear time yet as I just applied it today and couldn’t wait to show you!


Butter London Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

Butter_London AW 2012 collection

  • Lovely Jubbly - full on disco girl magenta glitter
  • Trustafarian - sage & gold holo
  • Gobsmacked - charcoal with silver glitter & slightly textured finish
  • Shag - Autumn in a bottle: rust/burgundy metallic
  • Dodgy Barnett - silvery grey holo


You Choose


These are the three shades I have… what next; do you fancy being Gobsmacked or seeing Shag in action?  (50 Shades has clearly left me scarred!)  You choose & I’ll post swatches tomorrow.

Butter London’s Autumn Winter 2012 Collection is available at CocktailCosmetics for £12 each.

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