Thank you

My jaw almost hit the keyboard today when someone congratulated me on being shortlisted for Best New Beauty Blogger in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.  I am still somewhat in shock as I hadn’t even thought about this year’s awards, never mind asked for nominations, which makes it even more special and meaningful that some of you, somewhere, nominated me off your own bat. 

So a hugely humble thank you to whoever nominated me… I have no idea whodunit, or I’d smother them in kisses! 

Seriously, I’m really touched.  It means enough to me that you read my thoughts in the first place.

Congrats to all the other deserving nominees, including many that I’m honoured to be among.  The final winners will be decided based on 50% reader vote, 50% judging panel basis (panel made up of Cosmo eds) and voting is open until 31st August.

I’ve (rather apprehensively) popped up an Awards voting button on my sidebar.  And that’s the last I’ll say on the matter!

Thanks again you beautiful people - you have made my day - and if you weren’t reading, I wouldn’t be writing…

Nic xxx

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