Lime Crime Aquataenia Mermaid Palette


Lime Crime is one of those brands that I probably wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for my fellow beauty bloggers (I’m thinking of you Jayne!).  It’s unlike anything I’ve come across elsewhere and the whole boldness, presentation and ethos fascinate me.

Lime Crime’s new Aquataenia Palette is the brand’s first foray into shimmer eyeshadows.  The colour scheme is quite gentle compared to some of its sisters (yes really!) and the pearlescent finish makes them more wearable than mattes of equal brightness.


Shades, left to right:

  • Nautilus Prime – blurple
  • Coral of the Story – true coral
  • Seahorse Discourse – tropical green
  • Pearl-ple – pearlescent lilac
  • Atlanteal – seafoam blue/green

Personally I would only wear shades like this as a liner or dramatic flick, rather than all over the lid - and not sure I’d brave the coral on my eyes, though these shades can also be worn on cheeks.


When swatched, they do look much more wearable than in the palette.

“Each oceanic shade is loaded with shimmer & glitter particles to create a wet, glistening effect - reminiscent of a mermaid's tail under the moonlight - and makes your eyelids sparkle like the sea!”


I’ve always had a penchant for mermaids, so I’m loving the imagery associated with this campaign and the story behind it.  The name "Aquatænia" comes from Aquitania, a luxury ocean liner built in 1913 and the mermaid image was inspired by Nicole West’s Fantasy Art Doll, Moon Rider Mermaid.


To my mind these kind of shades look best on perfectly pale porcelain skin or olive and darker skintones.

Aquataenia Palette is available at CutECOsmetics for £23.95 (Animal & Vegan Friendly)

Have you tried any Lime Crime?

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