Let’s Get Summer Ready together….

I have a feeling that warm sunshine & blue skies will return when we’re least expecting it.  And I have a plan… how about we use these cloudy days to get ourselves Summer ready, so that when it does appear, we’re ready to *bare our smooth, glossy bronzed selves to the world?!  *not literally ;)
And to make sure we stick to it, how about we do it together?
I’m not talking anything drastic - this is all about making the most of what we’ve got… and what I have in mind can make a huge difference not only to how we look, but much more importantly, how we feel in our own skin.
I’ve planned a little series of Summer Ready posts that cover everything on my to do list and some that I thought might help others - please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add…
  • Summer Hair Heroes
  • DIY Pedi
  • De-fuzzing
  • Self Tanning Tricks
  • Bikini Body Secrets
  • Bronzer for pale skins
Who’s with me?
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