EcoTOOLS Bamboo Powder Brush

EcoTools Powder Brush

I’ve been looking for a new powder brush for a while… I use the flat top ELF, one by Crown Brushes and an aDesign Kabuki, but didn’t have a regular, super soft standard powder brush, which is where this Eco Tools one slots in perfectly.

Made from synthetic, cruelty-free bristles, it has a recycled aluminium ferrule, a bamboo handle and is 100% vegan.

EcoTools Powder Brush

I’ve tried a few brushes recently which felt scratchy on my skin; these synthetic bristles are so kitten soft I wanted to use the brush to apply lots of different products.  Obviously I started with powder, but found it worked equally well with bronzer and even blusher. 

Although it’s bigger than a regular blusher brush, I quite liked how I could place the full amount of blush with one press to my skin (sorry can’t think of a better way of describing that!).  You know what I mean, right? Instead of sweeping a smaller brush around the area, just one ‘pat’ of blusher = job done. I then swirled over the surface with a little more powder to set the blush, blend and soften any edges.   Apparently it’s also great for applying cream blusher, though I’m yet to try this.


The bristles have quite a lot of give, which prevents picking up too much product and helps distribute it easily.


The bristles fan out in a perfect curve, which hugs the contours of your face, neck & décolleté -  bronzer applied evenly and with ease to all these areas. 


The bamboo handle is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to feel substantial in your hand, which I really liked as I felt this gave me more control - I’m not a fan of thin, spindly handles.

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The brush comes in a resealable, breathable fabric-backed storage pouch, which would be useful for travel.

The good news is that EcoTOOLS Powder Brush rrp is just £8.70, a great price for a good quality brush!

Widely available (slight variations in price) from places like Cocktail Cosmetics, Boots & CutECOsmetics 

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