Premae launches world’s first allergen-free Bath & Body care

Premae was developed by allergy sufferer and beauty expert, Clare Eluka, who has introduced a highly specific allergen-free focus to beauty and is about to launch the world’s first allergen free body care: the Anatomy Range.

As the mum of a 4 year old with food allergies, I really empathise with the challenges that surround living with such a condition. I’ve carried Junior Epipens and Antihistamines everywhere we go since my son was 7 months old and am haunted by the thought that just a speck of peanut could put his life at risk.He also has eczema, often associated with allergy sufferers, so I’m very careful about which products I use on his skin. I’ve realised that there is very little public understanding of allergies, which are sadly on the increase by 5% each year. 

The new Premae Bath & Body range also presents an amazing opportunity to many who suffer from skin sensitivities, providing the freedom to enjoy beautiful, luxury products without fear of a reaction.


The collection offers a candida-friendly range entirely free from all sugar ingredients and fruit oils, which may be implicated in problems associated with candida albicans and can cause skin irritations.

All products are free from the eight food allergens responsible for 90% of food-allergic reactions: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat (and gluten).  They are also free of SLS and all sulphates, alcohol, lanolin, beeswax, parabens, urea’s, MEA/DEA/TEA, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, polymers and quats.

Ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Cocoa and Jojoba butters and rose water have been carefully researched and selected. The body ranges provide aromatherapy benefits while conditioning the skin cells and providing all day UV enriched protection.  (Meadowfoam Oil offers a moderate level of UV protection, so an additional SPF is recommended.)

A Tender Tots Range for infants and newborns contains Ugandan avocado butter for hypersensitive skins and bath and body oils for purified emollient irritation free bathing.

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I was really honoured to have the chance to try the Body Balm for dry skin before it launches later this month.  I love the packaging design and presentation and the whole experience of using this product has really wow-ed me.  It’s most definitely not exclusive to allergy and sensitive skin sufferers, so don’t think that or you will be seriously missing out!


The consistency isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. The solid balm comes in a pot, but when you put your finger in, instead of a single huge chunk of product, it separates into little tiny squares, which melt almost instantly, transforming into a gorgeous oil in seconds.  You can see the oil on my hand above - and yet when rubbed in, there is no tacky or sticky residue, just a gorgeous light sheen on the skin.

Made with French Cypress Oil, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, the balm for dry skin leaves a natural gentle aroma, which I love. I have found it really nourishing and deeply moisturising - it’s definitely left me wanting to try more!

Premae’s new Bath & Body range, priced from £6-£28 will be available from May 14th 2012 - Allergy Awareness Week - at and on Amazon.  You can follow them on twitter @premaeskincare

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