GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens ~ Swatched


If you’re a fan of the feline flick, you’ll love the new GOSH Intense Eye Liner pens in black, grey, brown, dark green, purple and blue.  The felt tip style nibs are very flexible, allowing you to create a thin or thick line, as natural or dramatic as you choose.



The nibs bend right back, so that you can use the tip for a fine line, a small part of the edge for a thicker one and so on.  It’s difficult to gauge how long they will maintain their flexibility but for the moment, it seems to work. They take a little bit of getting used to as you only need the lightest touch to create a fine line.



I was secretly hoping that the colours would be rich tones that aren’t too in your face and my wish was granted! The green is a deep dark olive, the purple a dark grape and the blue a vibrant peacock. The brown is darkest bitter chocolate; the grey is a mid toned mousey shade and the black is, well… black.


GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen- black, grey, brown swatchGOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen -green, purple, blue swatch

I’ve tried to show the different widths of lines you can draw with the pens by using the point, edge and side of the nib. Each swatch is a single line except for the 3rd purple line (oops).

Intense Swatches

GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen swatches all colours

Above I’ve done a double layer of each colour to show how the intensity can be built up - I like them best like this. The colours are so rich and I really like all six… I’d use the grey, brown, green and purple for every day and the black or blue for evening. Saying that, I’m wearing a thinnish line of the blue today and just love it for a little flash of colour (I’d show you but wouldn’t do it justice - I’ll do a make up look with it when I’m less knackered!).

On Skin

GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen swatches (2)GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen swatches093

Swatched on my arm in natural light and with flash - and after scrubbing with soap and water 5 mins after application, giving you a good idea of the staying power.  These are all matt colours which dry almost instantly and don’t budge… if you want to smoke these out you’ll have to use other products and I imagine they will work well with cream eyeshadows.  The finish is quite different from GOSH Long Lasting Eye Liner Pens, which have a thin, hard nib and a sheeny finish.

I had a little bit of smudging on my upper lid due to pesky hooded eyelids but if you’re lucky enough not to have these it won’t be an issue. I’ll use a primer next time but was impatient to play! 

GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens are available exclusively instore or online at Superdrug.com for £6.49 each. I can’t find them online yet but they should be up there soon.


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