Philosophy Falling in Love ~ EDT fragrance & bath/shower gel


Philosophy Falling in Love seems to have brought out my girly side.  My perfume preferences usually sway towards oriental florals or musky woods, with an occasional dip into feel good fresh fragrances as Summer approaches. Falling in Love doesn’t fit into any of those categories with its sweet, feminine softness.


Fresh, fruity and pretty, it smells of blackberries and jasmine when freshly spritzed, then settles to a soft, musky vanilla scent with fruity floral undertones.  Although sweet, it is not sickly or cloying at all - which is good as I can not abide such smells. 

There is a ‘young love’ innocence about this gentle perfume, yet the dry down is quite sensual - I imagine it would be equally well loved by a teenage girl or mature woman.  It’s not particularly long lasting or overpowering and won’t dominate the room, but I like that. I believe perfume should be a reward for closeness and am really enjoying wafting around smelling all girly - in fact I’ve worn nothing else since I was sent this duo (well, except for clothes).


Fragrance layering is a bit of a luxury in my book and normally confined to special occasions, but this huge (almost 500ml) bottle of shampoo, bath & shower gel was just inviting me to tuck in and I was powerless to resist!  I’m more of a shower girl most of the time and while I do occasionally use bath products in the shower, it just feels better somehow when it says on the bottle that I’m officially allowed to do so! 


This slightly pearlised white shower gel is gorgeously creamy and lathers well. While it does feel gentle and quite moisturising on the skin, I haven’t tried it on my hair yet, though a friend has assured me that it won’t strip the hair as you might expect!


Philosophy Falling in Love Eau de Toilette 60ml costs £32.00 and the Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel 480ml is £19.00.  As this was my first experience of Philosophy products I’m really excited that the range will be available in Debenhams, Belfast in late May/early June so that I can try some more!  The range is already available at Debenhams online, although Falling in Love doesn’t seem to be on there at the moment.

If you’re a Philosophy fan do you have any recs for me? (I’m quite liking the look of the Miracle Worker skincare too!)

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