Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 Medium

Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 (2)

Clinique’s new Superbalanced Bronzer is different to any other I’ve tried… it’s really rather clever - you could almost call it ‘more than bronzer!’  The name refers to its ability to balance moisture levels in our skin: hydrating where needed while controlling oil levels.  I know bronzer usually improves skin’s appearance, but this seems to give actual coverage, refining the skin’s appearance and leaving a subtle sheen (not shimmer or shine!), so while it’s fairly matt, it’s not flat.

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The powder, which contains 80% minerals, is freshly ground each time you use it. So it’s both compact and loose & doesn’t make a mess (told you it was clever!).  You just twist the white plastic ring around the edge to dispense as much as required… I find it only takes a couple of mm to get enough for a full face - and of course with bronzer, less is always more - it’s much easier to build it up than reduce it.  Oh and yes, it is buildable too.

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Just a little twist makes it look like this ^^ mmm chocolatey…  I dip the brush straight into this and swirl it around the pan or lift a little with the bristles and tap off any excess on the back of my hand.

aDesign Small Kabuki aDesign Small Kabuki (3)

I’ve been using my a-design small kabuki brush to apply this… it’s dense, yet loose enough to give a gentle sweep of colour and is supersoft.  You can pick these up soon at Cocktail Cosmetics for £14.95, though the powder brushes currently in stock (£10.95-14.95) look great too.

The pic above right is how it looks when first dipped in the bronzing powder… I was a bit nervous at how deep the colour looked, but it’s actually quite workable.


I’ve included quite a few swatches as with so many bronzers around it’s difficult to choose which one is right for you - I hope this is helpful. As you can see my skin was very pale and freckly before starting. I’d normally go for a lighter bronzer, but I think the pics show just how versatile this one is & it will be fine when I’ve a bit more colour.

Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 (7)Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 (6)

Can you see the subtle sheen I referred to in the sunlit pic?

Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 Swatch Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 Swatch (2)Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 Swatch (3)

The above shot blended over my whole arm illustrates the coverage I referred to. Note how the freckles are almost blended out compared to the earlier pic… the skintone looks really smooth and even - and a whole lot better in my opinion!  When applied fully like this, the colour is a proper holiday tan shade.

The coverage means I might brave this on its own or over BB cream in the height of summer (glances up at grey clouds) though it works perfectly over foundation with no need for additional powder.  It’s a touch dark for me at the moment but I’m sure the Light shade would be gorgeous on pale skins.

Clinique Superbalanced Bronzer 02 (5)

Last but not least, the compact comes in this gorgeous little Pucci-esque drawstring bag (for a limited time only)!

Mineral and antioxidant-rich, lightweight, oil-free, fragrance-free & 100% allergy tested,  Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer comes in shades 01 Light & 02 Medium (mine is 02) and costs £25 at & all the usual outlets.


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