Nailene SensatioNail Home Gel Manicure ~ UK Launch

SENSATIONAIL starter kit

America’s ‘ultimate at home gel manicure’ launches in the UK tomorrow, Wednesday 7 March, with a waiting list of 10,000+! Nailene’s SENSATIONAIL™ Invincible Gel Polish Starter Kit is described as ‘identical to an in-salon Gel Polish manicure but at a fraction of the price.’

At £85 it’s not exactly cheap as chips, but considering that it’s a completely portable system which works out at less than £6 per mani, I think it’s a good investment for those who like to maintain gel nails. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t share the system with a friend or two, reducing the price even further!

For those unfamiliar with a gel manicure, it’s basically a paint-on mani using gel polishes which are ‘cured’ (set hard) under an LED lamp, leaving you with immaculately polished nails for around 2 weeks, no chips or smudges in sight!  I’ve only had mine done once and loved the effect. In all honesty I’ve no idea if the process causes damage, but have been told it’s a lot more nail-friendly than acrylics.


Starter Kit Contents

The starter kit contains everything you need for 10 gel polish manicures:

  • PRO 3060 LED Lamp
  • Colour Gel Polish
  • Gel Primer
  • Buffer
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Lint-Free Wipes
  • Gel Base & Top Coat
  • Manicure Stick.

sensationail led lamp

“The compact PRO 3060 LED Lamp harnesses LED light technology to safely and quickly flash harden the SENSATIONAIL gel polish, sealing in the colour for a radiant finish, with zero dry time (unlike regular nail polish). The result is a high gloss, damage-proof manicure with a mirror finish, with no chipping, lifting or cracking for up to 14 days and easily removed in minutes (with an acetone nail polish remover).”

sensational starter kit contents

An Essentials Kit costing £25 will also launch soon, containing all you need to replenish the eh, essentials! It can either be used for a clear mani or with coloured gels (sold separately).

This is exciting, people… I’ve actually been daydreaming about a product like this! (sometimes I admit things I shouldn’t…)  Oh and if you get bored of the colour before the 2 weeks is up, you can paint over the top of it with your favourite polish, then remove to reveal your gorgeous mani below!

I’m not sure how many colours you get in the starter kit, but 12 new (‘Big 3’-free) shades will be released in May, costing £15 each!

The SensatioNail Starter Kit, £85, is only available in the UK at Boots nationwide stores or online at Find out more at Sensationail online or follow on twitter @SentioNailUK

Hands up who else wants one?! (wonder if my 4&7 year old could club together for Mother’s Day?!)  ;-)

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