Sephora Makeup Haul

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! Sorry that I've been a bit quiet lately as I'm on holiday in Singapore at the moment. We had an amazing night out by the quayside on New Year's Eve with a stunning fireworks display. The restaurants, bars and shops here are just breathtaking - it's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited and I'll share some pics when I get home in a few days.

Speaking of shopping, I posted a little teaser about my trip to Sephora, so here's what I bought... a fairly modest haul in the scheme of things, though I may be going back tomorrow!

I'm blogging from my phone so apologies that the pics have gone stupidly out of sync - I'll try to edit them after.

1. Group shot
2. Sephora Moonshadow 'In the Dark' Baked eyeshadow palette, completely stunning collection of gorgeously pigmented shades that blend beautifully
3. Sephora Moonshadow open palette - isn't it beautiful?!
4. Moonshadow swatches
5. Moonshadow shade names
6. Ardell Fashion Lashes - a pretty, natural style which I removed half way through NYE as kept falling off! (crap glue that didn't come with them)
7. Sephora nailpolish in 'Mother's Day Flowers', a pretty deep puce toned pink - I'll do a NOTD post wearing this soon
8. Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #31, a beautiful cool pink with the most amazing creamy, sheeny consistency. A little gutted as the colour is almost identical to my Lipstick Queen Saint Pink, but I love it none the less!
9. MUFE lipstick swatch #31
10. Sephora Nano lipliner in #15 Royal Rose, a deep wine toned pink

So what do you think?... Did I do good? (apols again that pics are a bit squiffy - the Blogger Iphone app leaves a lot to be desired!)

Thanks for reading & I wish you all a happy and beautiful 2012 xxx







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