Chanel Spring 2012 Giveaway


You didn’t think I’d come back from Singapore without a gift for my lovely blog followers did you? I wanted to bring you something special, something you can’t yet purchase in the UK (as far as I know!) So can you imagine my excitement when I saw the Chanel Spring 2012 makeup display? I fell head over heels and immediately decided I must purchase a little something for one of you lovely ladies.

I defy you not to fall in love with this little beauty, Chanel Glossimer in Bagatelle #162…


It’s the prettiest warm pink with a hint of coral and a delicate gold shimmer running through. I genuinely don’t think it could get more gorgeous!

Chanel Spring 2012 Makeup Swatches

I took this swatch pic in the Chanel store - Bagatelle is the front right hand corner swatch, next to my watermark - rather blurry I know but the colour is true.

Chanel Bagatelle Glossimer

This shot is the only one taken in good daylight, when I noticed my roses were pretty much identical in colour! The colour looks muted in the other late afternoon light shots (roll on longer, brighter days!).


I honestly think this is the loveliest lipgloss I’ve seen in a long time (pics don’t do it justice) I’ll definitely treat myself when they come to a UK store near me (along with the blush which is TO DIE FOR!). The Ion Centre, Singapore’s new superglam shopping mall is the first in the country to stock the Spring range & luckily that’s where I ended up!

NB The most true colour of this product can be seen in the pic taken with the roses and the swatch pic above. I would have redone the others but my camera is playing up.

Want to win one? Here’s how…

  • Chanel has hovered at the top of my brand lust list for many years. To enter, share what you love most about Chanel makeup and/or skincare (doesn't have to be fancy & you won't be 'judged' on it - I'm just interested!). If you’re not a Chanel fan, please leave this open to those who are! :)
  • Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (new and existing followers are welcome to enter)
  • Follow me on Twitter @Strawbry_Blonde
  • Tweet: Win a gorgeous Chanel Spring 2012 Glossimer on @Strawbry_Blonde ’s Beauty Blog! Link:
  • Leave a comment below with your GFC follower name and twitter or email contact details (it is not always possible to comment on Disqus by mobile, sorry about that!)
  • Closing date for entries is Wednesday 18 January 2012 at 10pm GMT and this giveaway is open to UK & Ireland entrants only (sorry guys I’ll do an international one soon!).

Good luck!

NB The prize is one Chanel Glossimer in Bagatelle. I decide who wins. All terms are non negotiable.

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