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Savar skincare products have added a touch of luxury to my bedtime routine… I actually look forward to using these products each night.  Made in New Zealand using organic plant extracts and nourishing oils, Savar is all about keeping it pure & natural, which my skin is loving.  Free from skin irritants - parabens, harmful chemicals, harsh detergents, mineral oils and animal derived ingredients - Savar products come with a 50 day ‘Love It’ guarantee - a pretty enticing claim!

Launched several few months ago by New Zealand artist, Vicky Woolford, the idea for this expert-developed premium range was triggered by Vicky’s concern about the effect of substances on her hands after days spent painting in the studio. She personally chose the luscious fragrances for the 99% plant based range, which has been described as ‘an exquisite mix of pampering and natural skincare.’

wonder lift serum


A pretty attention grabbing name, right?  Blackcurrant and raspberry oils and organic goji berry extract give this serum the most incredible smell.  It’s not overpowering (which I would personally hate) but I do catch little wafts of gentle fruitiness as I apply it.


‘Rich in antioxidants and purified marine extracts to give skin a second chance against fine lines and wrinkles. A great serum for oily problem skin as it is non greasy and assists in repairing and healing… great for all skin types including sensitive.’ 

My skin is actually normally to dry (with congestion in T-zone) and I don’t find this product drying at all… nor do I notice the tightening effect I’ve experienced immediately after applying other serums. This is not one of those products that gives an instant lift-effect; it’s anti-ageing effects are long term. The bottle contains 60ml or 2.1fl oz of product, which is HUGE compared to most - double in fact - making this brand really quite reasonably priced for such a quality product.

It’s only in the past year that I’ve started using a serum before my moisturiser - it really does seem to create a little barrier to protect the skin and it’s light texture means it’s goodness is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. This one is very fluid - I’d advise cupping the hand and pumping it directly onto the palm to avoid any wastage. It takes a moment to sink into the skin, so I apply it, brush my teeth and am then ready for the moisturiser.

antioxidant night cream


Mmmmm…. is how I’d sum up this baby.  Again, a humungous bottle - 100ml or 3.38 floz!! I can see this lasting a long time. The pic below shows just one pump - it looks bigger than it actually is… this little pump is enough to cover my entire face, neck and décolleté (yes I’m being very grown up about my skincare these days!!).  Although it’s a cream, the blackcurrant and rose oil (diiii-vinely scented!) content mean it glides onto the skin beautifully - it almost makes me sigh with a mixture of relief and pleasure when I apply it. (yes I do realise how ridiculous that sounds but I’m just being real with you!)


‘New Zealand blackcurrant  helps prevent premature ageing, reduces wrinkle formation, repairs damaged tissue and benefits healing, while organic pomegranate stimulates collagen production, nourishes, restores and reduces inflammation.’

Have these products made me look younger after one month of use? I’m not sure, but I do know my skin feels exceptionally soft and smooth and there have been (rare for me) moments when I’ve looked in the mirror and thought my face actually looks ok makeup free. I’ve even done the school run in no more than a slick of mascara, which for someone who feels uncomfortable leaving the house without makeup is quite a big deal!



It was difficult to capture with my camera and I don’t know if you can see here but the labels are based on original paintings by owner, Vicky.Woolford, who likes to think each bottle is a unique subtle abstract inspired piece of New Zealand artwork for everyone to enjoy. I love this. The bottles have a matt finish with black glossy print and are quite beautiful in real life.

Pure & Natural

‘We endeavour to use the most natural ingredients available. We have replaced the harsh and chemical ingredients traditionally found in skin care products with premium quality natural and organic alternatives. We offer great value superior products of unmistakable quality, formulated with care to combine all that is best in nature, style and sustainability.’

Quality Promise & Philosophy


I honestly think this is quite an exceptional new brand with numerous unique selling points.

Wonder Lift Serum costs £42 for 60ml 2.1 floz (double average product size!)

Antioxidant Night Cream costs £32 for 100ml 3.38 fl oz (triple average product size!)

You can also buy sweet little travel sets (5 x 30ml) of face and body products in 3 different skintypes for £36, which is a great way to try them out and see what works best for you.

Travellers Normal/Dry

Savar primarily operates online and ships to UK, US, NZ and Australia… I’m not sure how potential duty fees work, but  please contact Vicky if you have any concerns (she’s incredibly sweet and helpful!).  You can tweet her at @savaronline or visit


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