Abahna White Grapefruit & May Chang shower gel


My daily shower routine has been transformed since my introduction to Abahna - a new brand to me and one I’ll be happy to spend lots more time with.  The White Grapefruit and May Chang shower gel is just one of a range of luxury fragranced products for the body and home.


Just look at how it arrives for starters – I don’t think I’ve ever received such a beautifully presented product – and I have to admit, when I was invited to try a new shower gel, this is not what I was expecting. I’d be more than happy to hand this over at Christmas.


Bit nicer than my usual shower gel purchases, swinging in a flimsy Tesco bag alongside the washing up liquid! (I’ll tell you about the product in a moment… bear with me, these things are important!)


Is it just me who finds it hard to chuck pretty boxes like this into the recycling?


The luxe, square shaped bottle is so pretty I even cleaned the shower before granting it permission it to enter.

‘A daily bathing ceremony is one of life’s simplest luxuries. Abahna transforms an ordinary routine into an exquisitely fragranced, multi-sensory ritual.’

This shower gel contains essential oils and organic extracts to refresh and energise.  White grapefruit is uplifting and detoxing, while  May Chang - a Chinese oil – has a sweet lemony note to help stimulate the mind.

Admittedly my morning shower tends to be more mad dash before the school run than multi-sensory ritual, but uplifting, detoxing and mind stimulation? Yes please!


While the ingredients list may not be 100% organic, this product contains no SLS, SLEs, parabens, petrochemicals or artificial colour and Abahna is against animal testing.


I love the Amber colour – and as you can see, it’s a huge 250ml bottle. The pump mechanism is another plus for me – hygenic and quick to use – and a little of this product really does go a long way.


Despite the gel formulation it feels thick, rich and creamy on the skin.  It feels nourishing and smells beautiful – simultaneously fresh and spicy – perfect for cold winter mornings.

This showergel costs £17 for 250ml, which is pricey for everyday use, but you can try a ‘mini’ bath & showergel at £5 for 100ml.  I have my eye on the Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot to try next! You can see the full range of products at Abahna.co.uk – including home fragrances and a full set of skincare and perfume.

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