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I'd like to share two very lovely Laura Mercier products I've tried recently. This is mostly about the first one really, but the second is rather lovely too, and as the title suggests, they are very pretty two-gether!

Pink & Gold
Probably my favourite colour combination of all time. I remember lusting after a friend's pink & gold two-tone nailpolish as a child (if you've seen one, let me know!) and I think that's where it started.  Or it could be my love of pink & gold skies at sunset.  And Bourjois Rose D'Or - the prettiest blusher I've come across to date - pink with a subtle gold shimmer. 

Falling in love with Laura Mercier's new pink & gold highlighter cream was a given.  'Sheer Creme Glow' comes in a generously sized palette and is designed as a highlighter for cheekbones and brow-bones, but really, it looks pretty wherever you want to put it. It works as an eyeshadow, dotted in the centre of your lower lip to add shimmer to a gloss or blended with other products.  

Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Glow in Golden Pink
It comes in just one shade, Golden Pink and is part of the Portofino Collection. Described as an 'ultra-sheer, blendable face colour highlighter', it was inspired by Laura's work with celebrity clients, who wanted a product to 'wake up' their skin and give them an immediate healthy glow (don't we all?!).  It definitely achieves this in my opinion. I'm not a fan of anything overly glittery for daywear and this seems to strike the perfect balance.
Applied in thick layer at the top and partly blended below
I hope you can see how beautiful it is on the skin in the above pic and how it blends to quite a sheer glow. It can actually be applied and blended much more 'sheerly' than this, but I wanted to make sure you could see it!  The next pic shows it fully blended - a little goes a looooong way, so despite a hefty price tag of around £29 at Space NK (and all the usual outlets), I can see this lasting me for years! 

Fully blended to leave a subtle glow
The second item is in stark contrast, but in my opinion works beautifully with the highlighter.  It's a Luster eyeshadow in Celestial - a shimmering dark slate grey with deep blueish undertones.  I'm a huge fan of Laura Mercier eyeshadows as the highly pigmented colours are stunning, last well on the skin and are crease resistant.  At £18.50 a pop I have to say I do think they are overpriced, but to be honest I'd rather have a small number of beautiful products than lots of ok ones, so that's exactly what I do! And they're so lovely I really never get bored of them.

Laura Mercier Luster eyeshadow in Celestial

Celestial, blended
OK so I realise you're all probably thinking ok so it's a grey eyeshadow, what's the big deal, but just look how pretty these two products are together!  They can be used side by side as eyeshadows, or in more subtle contrast in their original 'roles'. The gold is also gorgeous blended with the grey.

Celestial eyeshadow & Golden Pink Sheer Creme Glow

Blended in the central stripe
I'll put a lid on it now!
I get a little excited when I really love a product!  Have any of you tried this highlighter and do you like the look of it? Both products are available in all the usual department stores as well as online.

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  1. Wow those are two lovely colors!! Gorgeous!

    "I'll put a lid on it now" HAHA that made me laugh :)


  2. Thanks Nora :)

    Adoreabubbles, their foundations are amazing, really. I love the moisturising one (pump bottle) for lovely dewy medium coverage and the Creme Smooth for medium-full coverage (nice in winter). I must do a post on all my favourite LM products one day!

  3. I love the look of these the colours are just up my street. I want to be like you and have a few expensive things rather than lots of cheap products that i dont use but i get tempted to easily.

  4. I love Laura Mericer too, esp the tinted moistursers....the colours you brought ae really great for summer.xx

  5. Wow that Laura Mercier pink highlighter is definitely something I'd love to try esp as I'm into bronzes and golds! Looks amazing!!! xx

  6. Oh that blusher looks so pretty! I must try the Rose D'or, I heard so many good things about it! xoxo

  7. How nice that the highlighter worked for you! It looks gorgeous against your skin. I was unable to resist the pink and gold charms, as well, but I wonder if I received a bad one, as it was *very* sticky on my cheeks. I didn't even bother to review it because I would hate to write a bad LM review.

    Now, as for Luster eyeshadow in Celestial, I MUST get that. How on earth did I miss it before? I have only a couple of her lustre formulations, but one of them, Topaz, is HG for me. (The other is African Violet, a bit too much bling on my pasty-pale face). Thanks for the lemming! I am placing an order today because I LOVE grey shadows and find LM Twilight Grey kind of sad on me, even if I drool over it in the pan. Nice to meet another LM fan. :)

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies :)

  9. Zuzu's Petals - great to find another LM fan! How annoying that your highlighter was sticky! I'd def try returning it.

    Topaz is a very gorgeous e/s I agree. Is African Violet the purple with gold shimmer? If so I love it applied wet all over the eyelid. Hope you like the Celestial if you decide to purchase.


  10. Hi! Found your blog on Em's recommendations and I'm following you now... :)

    Loved the blusher! xxx

    Please follow me back if you like my blog :))

  11. WOW! Everything looks amazing!

    I'm now officially so in love with the Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Glow after seeing this baby swatched!

    Thanks so much! <3

    Love Britt xxx

  12. Strawberry, yes African Violet is the purple with gold shimmer. thanks for the tip--I'll try it wet. And thanks for the reminder; I got sidetracked today building my Ikea Alex and forgot to order Celestial. :)

  13. Beautiful colors! I love the peachy gold one! Nice blog!

  14. Hi Strawberry, I also have the Celestial, and when I wear it people are always telling me that it makes my green eyes look even greener, in fact people even in shops comment on it and ask me what it is ! Love the blog :-)


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