Beach body blitz

Time is rapidly running out... it's almost 'dare to bare' time on the beach! Over the next couple of weeks I'll be blitzing my body into holiday mode and sharing my progress with my lovely readers (well, most of it anyway!)

I'll be focusing on...

Skin – prepping skin for sun exposure, self tanning, selecting sunscreen & lipbalm
Hair – deep conditioning, UV protection and styling ideas
Hands & feet – mani and pedi - preparing the talons for neon brights
Packing - product essentials - looking good with minimal effort!

Healthy Eating
I'll also be talking about getting my body well hydrated and eating as healthily as possible as I'm quite sure losing a few pounds would help a lot (even if I do put them back on when I get there!). Those who follow me on Twitter will know I have a sweet tooth and love my food & wine, but I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact that beauty really does begin on the inside and it's time I started treating my body like a temple! 

I think I made a pretty good start today with the following:
breakfast - wholemeal toast & tea (I do love my toast!)
lunch - open salad on one slice of wholegrain
dinner - lemon chicken (baked in juice & zest) with large salad

I did have a couple of chocolate biscuits with coffee and a glass of wine with dinner, but less than normal - and I've been getting into the habit of drinking more water.  Not perfect I know, but a start! 

So far my holiday preparation has been all about the clothes (my other passion!), waiting patiently in my wardrobe, unworn and praying for sunshine...

Outfit One - dress & wedges
Drape jersey Impressionist dress, Gap
Tan leather wedges, Rocha by John Rocha, Debenhams

Outfit two - cobalt bandeau & gold flats 
Cobalt bandeau dress, New Look
Gold shell sandals, Melissa Odabash, Debenhams

And the obligatory...
Swimsuit in black, M&S

I'd also like to get a few tops, a maxi dress and a short, floaty dress.

Is anyone else feeling the pre-beach-panic and are there any treatments I've missed, or topics you'd like me to include?  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts! x



  1. I haven't bought a swimsuit since the 1990's. I shudder to think of buying a swimsuit in general. But dresses and shoes are no problem. I have to go look at that Gap dress

  2. Are you going on vacation?? Where to?! Love Outfit #1 btw! And the gold sandals in outfit #2! Damn, I need to go summer clothes shopping...

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies! :)

    @Olivia the dress is a million times nicer in real life and soooo flattering on! I also haven't worn a swimsuit for years, but no longer feel confident enough to wear a bikini on the beach!

    @Sophie's Law thank you! Yes I'm off to Croatia - can't wait!


  4. those are cute outfits! I actually don't like the beach much (even though I live in Hawaii...) Lol.


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