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I wore an (almost) full face of Chanel yesterday and was so happy about getting my glow on that I wanted to share my thoughts. I'd forgotten how much I love photographing makeup and have so many pics to share that I'm dividing them into two Chanel fuelled posts - one on skin/base products and a second on eyes/lips. (In no way swayed by a last minute drinks invite on this gloriously sunny evening.) 

First up, Chanel CC Cream. Not new, yet much hyped of late... and I had to find out why. Rich and creamy in texture, this performs as a light to medium foundation on my (normal to dry) skin. A definite notch up from tinted moisturiser, one light layer leaves a slightly sheer finish, while a little extra where needed covers enough to even out skin tone while allowing freckles to peek through. And in my case, the odd blemish and broken vein, yay. There are days when I prefer a little extra cover, but as a fan of skin-like finishes, this works for me. I'd rather go light on base and add concealer than look overdone... so much fresher and more flattering. 

These swatches are of Chanel CC Cream in shade B30, my (fake) tan shade. I'm naturally more of a B10-20 in Chanel, depending on the season. I photographed this in direct sunlight; it definitely looks more neutral toned on my face.

Chanel Palette Essentielle (Beige Clair 150) is a true makeup gem in my eyes. Creamy concealer, blush and highlight in one compact make everything so quick and easy. The concealer is hydrating enough to use around the eyes and dense enough to cover minor blemishes or redness. The blush adds the most flattering flush of coral - and the highlight, a sheeny luminosity for my favourite kind of ethereal glow. A  rare combination of luxurious yet practical (and great in a hurry) makeup. 

Swatches of Chanel Palette Essentielle in Beige Clair 150 (the lightest shade available): concealer, blush and highlight. 

I only needed a light dusting of powder around my nose and chin to avoid over-glow and set my concealer, so opted for Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder. I can't deny that a good third of my pleasure in using this comes from the gorgeous packaging and that ingenious golden H decanter. Finely milled and 100% talc-free, this powder adds a soft focus effect and gently mattifies without dulling the skin. (Also available in a cute mini travel size!)

See the products applied (unfiltered) on my Instagram

Next time, Chanel eyes and lips...

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