Bathroom Shelfie

Hello from my new bathroom! It's been a while since I've shared a bathroom shelfie and as some of these products have become regulars, it's time to share my thoughts...

I first discovered Alfaparf Milano hair care after a Keratin treatment at Stafford Hair. I've tried quite a few of the products since and have most recently been enjoying Prickly Pear and Orange from the Precious Nature range. The smell of these is as authentic as I'd hoped and really lingers on my hair. I'm prone to dryness and a frizzy halo (lucky me) and these really do leave my hair feeling softer and smoother. The mask is so rich that I can only use it on ends as my hair is prone to that weighed down feeling (coarser hair types could probably use it more often)... I use the shampoo alone and then apply the mask every 2-3 washes. This is the first shampoo that leaves my hair feeling nourished without any conditioner, so although a little more pricey than your average Boots number, it works out fairly economical (available at selected salons or amazon). PS also works wonders on my daughters spirally curls and the gorgeous scent has made hair washing much less of a chore!

Bioderma's Atoderm bodycare range is aimed at dry, sensitive skin, which I'm particularly prone to in Winter. If you're the same, it's really not worth inflicting your skin to highly scented, foaming products with harsh chemicals, which increase irritation and strip skin of natural oils. This Ultra-nourishing Anti-irritation shower oil is a pleasure to use and much more luxurious than it looks. On contact with wet skin, the oil quickly emulsifies into a milky lotion, rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and comfortable (not remotely greasy). The pump makes it really practical and as an added bonus, it's makes leg shaving a breeze!

I've been using this tube of Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash each morning for longer than I remember and need so little I'm barely half way through. It's super gentle and a little dot the size of my baby finger nail is all I need. The reason I've stuck with this for so long is that it's one of the few facial washes I've tried that cleanses without drying or irritating my skin in any way. Active ingredients include antioxidants to protect and pomegranate enzymes to brighten, treating redness and imperfections without stripping. I'll sometimes use it alone and rinse off, but more recently have been massaging it in with a super gentle Konjac Sponge for an even more thorough cleanse. Konjac Sponges were one of my earliest discoveries through this blog and are perfect for anyone who likes an uncomplicated, natural approach to skincare. Available to suit different skin types, each one contains French clay and minerals; mine is the Chamomile Facial Puff sponge to soothe and calm sensitive skin. 

Mauli Reawaken Hand & Body Wash is an indulgence for my dry hands and I've been eeking out every drop to make it last as long as possible! Made with 80% organic ingredients, including essential oils, its amazing scent includes lime, grapefruit, frankincense and jasmine... an absolute treat for both the skin and senses.

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