Festival style beachy waves with ghd azores

While I'll mostly be fielding festivals from my sofa this year (still swooning over Coldplay at Glastonbury), I love the whole vibe of more relaxed Summer hair and makeup... and thought I'd share my version of a festival inspired look. Here's hoping the sun decides to put in an appearance soon to get us all in an al fresco mood!

I used the new ghd azores to create these casual, lived in waves... I rarely actually straighten my hair and think a little movement gives a more flattering look. The pearlescent green ghd v atlantic jade styler has contoured edges to help create curls and waves and an extra long swivel cord for easy manoeuvring from every angle.

HOW TO: Festival style beachy waves

  1. I start by blow drying freshly washed hair until it's reasonably smooth with a little natural volume. 
  2. Gripping small sections of hair with the ghds pointing downwards, I twist and pull at a diagonal angle, in a similar movement to curling ribbon. 
  3. Half way down each section of hair, I turn the styler in the opposite direction and repeat this movement, stopping around an inch before the ends. This creates more of a casual, beachy wave rather than precise curls.
  4. I begin each new section by curling it in the opposite direction for a more tousled finish and use different sized sections of hair each time... larger ones create looser waves.
  5. Once the hair has cooled, I comb through it with my fingers to add movement and a more piece-y look.    
ghd heat protect spray has been my go-to for years... I use it for an all over spritz, then add curl hold spray on each section for texture and lasting power with a similar finish to salt sprays.

I discovered the beachy waves method from the video in this tutorial if you fancy seeing how the pros do it. One thing that made a big difference for me was using the styler pointing downwards, which can be tricky from certain angles but definitely helps create a more relaxed wave. No idea why it works but it does!

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