Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes - Volume 2

Zoeva brushes are often described as an affordable alternative to MAC - and while I've only tried a few from both sides, I have to admit that the Zoeva are hard to fault. Super soft, well made, good value and gorgeous to look at - I'm in. I own a ridiculous number of makeup brushes, but have to warn you, if you try one or two of these, you will want a full set

These particular three are quite specific and I'd definitely start with more generic ones, but I'll talk you through my thoughts...

322 Brow Line - short firm bristles and a slanted cut allow for good control when applying brow product and this works for both cream and powder. It's a bit wide to use for vertical strokes on my own brows, so I'd recommend this for someone with a fuller set. 

109 Luxe Face Paint - Made with a blend of natural and synthetic bristles (vegan version available), this slim, flat brush is the best I've tried for contouring. I'm not the biggest contour-er, but this fits so well beneath the cheek bone, is firm enough to give control, but not so dense that it picks up too much product. I've actually been using mine more for highlight, which it applies and blends beautifully. I'm not one for highlighting all over the shop... I like to be quite precise about it and only use a little on high points where the light actually hits. 

104 Buffer (vegan) - I normally go for a more rounded buffing brush and this one is quite flat with a with a slightly tapered edge and a bigger surface area than I'm used to. The result is a fast face of foundation. I find it gives a slightly more sheer finish than my usual Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush, so a good one if you enjoy a natural look and brilliant if you're in a hurry in the mornings. 

You can find all of these brushes in the new Rose Golden Luxury Set Volume 2, or purchase individually (links above). If you can resist the rose gold, regular versions are also available for a pound or two less.

Since trying this trio I've read a tonne of reviews on other Zoeva brushes and have a list of at least 5 eye brushes on my radar. It'll be cheaper to just opt for a set, won't it? I've got my eye on this one.

If you have any Zoeva favourites, please tell me about them in the comments!
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