The Best Winter Candles

I’m often asked about my favourite luxury candles, so have gathered up my top six to share with you. Every single one of these is a winner - no compromises here - and I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them.

I’m calling these my favourite Winter candles rather than Christmas candles, as I like mine to survive beyond the festive season, though it’s definitely a good time to have one  around if you’re expecting extra guests.

Oh and there’s also the fact that I’m not a big fan of your typical cinnamon and clove numbers… I’d rather have a pot of mulled wine on the stove!

The first two are great day time candles. Winter doesn’t have to be all about heavy scents… fresh, uplifting ones are a godsend on cold dark days and these two fit the bill perfectly. Neither are overpowering, so work well in smaller rooms and won’t interfere if you’re eating. Afternoon tea with Prosecco anyone?

MALIN&GOETZ VETIVER - I normally associate Malin & Goetz with skincare (Detox Face Mask is a beauty) but had heard good things about the candles - and it turns out everyone was right. Vetiver is a grassy, fresh scent that really boosts my spirits and I like the modern, urban glass. If you do fancy something more smokey, I think Tobacco and Dark Rum sound wonderful.

100 ACRES LEMON MYRTLE, LAVENDER & ROSE - First up, how pretty is the lace effect glass pattern when the light glows through this? I love a lemon candle and that’s the main note I get from this one, with an underlying sweetness from the rose. I often burn this by my deskside for its feel good effects on The Afternoon Slump. Hand poured, it’s made from ethically sourced soy and rapeseed with 100% natural essential oils.

Lots of high end candles are available in travel sizes and it’s a great way to try out new scents without breaking the bank. Ditto gift sets of votives at this time of year. These two are travel sized slow burners… I censor how long I burn them to help eek out every last whiff.

BIRCH & BROOK LIBRARY - I first posted this on Instagram as smelling of ‘contentment… leather bound books, log fires and memories.’ I still stand by that - and what could be better on a Winter’s night? A brilliant gift for book lovers - or anyone with a nose to be honest - there’s something really precious about this one and it’s vying for top place in this six.

RATHBORNES BITTER ORANGE, BIRCH TAR & BALSAM - ‘Tangy citrus top notes and a rich, black amber heart, blended with a smoky, woody undercurrent of birch, fir balsam and oak wood.’ I can’t really put it any better than that. This is one of those scents that makes me close my eyes and inhale deeply. I’d liken it to sitting in a huge leather chair by the fire in the foyer of a luxury hotel, where you catch a waft of forest air every time someone opens the door. (Not that I’ve ever been there, but I like the idea of it!) It smells expensive and quite masculine, in a good way.

If you want every guest to notice how gorgeous your house smells and ask where it’s coming from, go for one of these two. Think candles that smell like actual perfume… unsurprisingly as that’s exactly what both are based on - and they throw a lot of powerful scent. Perfect for  evening parties, these are like the royalty of home fragrances.

JO MALONE POMEGRANATE NOIR - I featured this rich, warm and heady candle recently, so won’t say too much more here, except to ask that you don’t rule it out, even if you’re not one of the perfume’s avid fans. It’s beautiful. Find my full review here.

CLINIQUE AROMATICS IN WHITE - I’ve saved the best for last with this one, which has absolutely blown me away. Definitely a candle that kicks off scent even when unlit, Aromatics in White is a pure creamy, sensual scent - all woman; yet not girly. I find it a little powdery with a waft of spice among the florals - a heavenly combination of violet leaf, rose water essential and amber gris. Imagine an elegant Parisian boudoir… pink velvet chaise longue, billowing curtains and a huge vase of white flowers; this is how they’d smell. I can’t get enough of it.

And yes, these are all quite spendy (and not all purchased by me), but once you’ve dipped a toe in, it really is hard to go back - and I’d rather have one spectacularly scented candle than several mediocre ones. If like me, you spend a lot more time at home during the Winter months, a lovely candle really is one of the best treats. I think so anyway…
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