Salcura: Dry Skin & Eczema Solutions

Much as I love luxurious body creams, my skin is prone to dryness and eczema in colder weather, varying from small dry dots to larger patches. 

Last month I experienced the worst case I'd known, with a large angry patch of eczema on my calf and red, cracked itchy skin on my palms. I didn't even know that was a thing before! 

I'm not talking slight itching here; it was red raw, can't focus on anything else, don't want to leave the house levels of irritation and distraction. Probably hard to imagine unless you've experienced it, but the closest comparison I can make is with my childhood experience of chicken pox. And I do realise that my experience was mild in comparison to many others. 

I'd tried all my usual trusted remedies, some of which brought initial relief, but the symptoms persisted. I then resorted to steroid cream, expecting instant relief, but nada. 

In the middle of all this, a package arrived from Bioskin with two Salcura products to try: Bioskin DermaSpray Skin Nourishment Spray for initial relief and Zeoderm cream for more intense moisture relief. DermaSpray is a fine liquid that sinks in quickly to provide instant itch relief, while Zeoderm intensely moisturises and relieves very dry or cracked skin. Made with 99% natural ingredients, the products can be used as often as needed and are best used layered (cream over spray). 

I'd been told that these could be as effective as steroid creams and while I was cynical as per, I was willing to give them a go. Within a few days the itching had stopped, the redness had gone and my skin felt normal again. Not even kidding and such a relief. I'd been scared to use any product that touched my palms, which as you can imagine is pretty tricky - they are now perfectly soft and supple again, with no itching or cracked skin. 

I still have to go back to these products occasionally when things threaten to flare up, but have never known such fast and effective results from an over the counter topical product and won't be without them again. 

I know from extensive experimenting with products for my son (who has had eczema since babyhood) that a lot of trial and error is involved and the same products don't necessarily work for everyone, but if you're looking for a gentle alternative to treat intensely dry skin or eczema, I'd encourage you to give Bioskin Salcura a go. 

There are lots more products in the range and I'll definitely give more of them a go. These two do have a slight medicinal scent, but as anyone who is literally desperate will agree, that's a small price to pay for the relief they bring. 

I'm planning to do another post on the various steps I take to manage dry winter skin and eczema, but was so impressed with this duo I needed to share with you sooner than later in the hope that they can help someone else. 

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