Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection


The Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection features 3 gold-gilded scents to mirror the designer’s new sculptural jewellery line. White Luminous Gold, Rose Radiant Gold and 24K Brilliant Gold are encased in statuesque glass bottles that look (and feel; they’re heavy) like actual gold bars… the epitome of glamour.

The perfume notes are:

  • White Luminous Gold - pear, jasmine and amber
  • 24K Brilliant Gold - orange mandarin, florals and woodiness
  • Rose Radiant Gold - spice, rich florals and soft musks

The trio reminds me of a Russian wedding ring I received for my 21st birthday, with intertwined bands of rose, white and yellow gold - all the rage back in the day! I adored mine and have had a soft spot for rose gold ever since, so was automatically drawn to the Rose Radiant Gold. This one smells great in the bottle or sprayed into the air, but for some reason smelt different on my skin… I guess my skin chemistry affected it in some way, but I suspect this will be the most popular of the three.

White Luminous Gold is bright and effervescent, with crisp edges and a floral note that reminds me of iris (though it doesn’t contain any to my knowledge) and takes me back somewhere I can’t quite put my finger on! My pick of the three is the softer 24K Brilliant Gold, with a mandarin opening and woody dry down that has good lasting power on my skin. I’m not sure if its florals include rose, but I  seem to catch a whaft of it…

While the warm and sensual Sexy Amber remains My No1 Michael Kors scent, I suspect the Gold Collection and that decadent packaging will lure a lot of fans!

Michael Kors Gold Fragrance collection is available now (in 30/50/100ml) from £39 here.

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