Masks & Treatments for Dry or Damaged Hair

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Anyone else find that their hair needs a little extra TLC at this time of year? If your locks are post-Summer parched, weary of heat styling or just looking a little blah, you probably need one of these in your life…


Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream has multiple benefits to repair and replenish dry and damaged hair. Applied to clean, towel dried hair, it offers heat protection and acts a bit like a leave-in mask. I’m a big fan of Phyto hair products already, and this one leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft with reduced frizz. I also add a little to mid lengths and ends between washes to smooth frizz and add a moisture boost. Styling cream, heat protection and damage repair in one, the pump bottle is a bonus too.


I’ve talked about the Aveda Smooth Infusion line before (here), so was really happy to discover the Smoothing Masque, which helps tame excess frizz and leaves my hair looking a little less… well, embarrassing! I often dip into this instead of using a regular conditioner as it’s nourishing, yet light enough for regular use and doesn’t weigh my hair down.

LabelM-Honey Oat-Mask-review 

 Label M Honey & Oat Mask is the one I roll out when my hair is at the end of its tether, or I’m at the end of my tether with my hair. The two often collide. This is a super rich and hydrating mask which really packs a nourishing antioxidant-packed punch to restore and protect hair from further damage. And oh my word the scent… this really does smell like the sweetest honey - sublime. I tend to save this for use before special occasions when I need to know that my hair will behave, or when I just need a fix of that scent and silky softness. If you haven’t tried Label M before, I urge you to give it a go… pretty much everything I’ve tried from this brand has been incredible. 

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