Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks 2015: Review & Swatches


Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks have had an upgrade for Autumn 2015, with 25 extra moisturising shades launched this month in glamorous gold packaging. Lightweight, nourishing and long lasting, the formula ticks a lot of boxes for me.

On paper, there are similarities to Clinique Pop Lips, but these are actually quite different. Although well pigmented, they are much finer and more sheer in formula and texture - to the extent that it feels as if I’m barely wearing anything on my lips.

They do set a little, leaving a slight longevity-boosting stain, while remaining comfortable and moisturising. The plum shade bled a tiny bit on me, but my trusty invisible lip liner sorts that out (a regular lip liner would probably do the job, but I didn’t have one to match.)


I’m sharing my top 3 picks with you today - and trust me, it wasn’t easy choosing. I LOVE that lipsticks are available in so many subtle variations of colour now… anyone else remember how tricky it used to be to find one good nude shade - and not even that long ago?! I’ve gone for a nude, red and vampy shade, which for me tick most boxes and occasions.

Check out that beautiful curve at the tip of the bullet, which hugs lips and makes application a breeze. Not sure how it will last as the bullet wears down more as I’m a hardcore lipstick flattener, but I’m trying not to ruin this!



I used a single swipe of colour for these swatches to show how fine and semi-sheer they are, despite having loads of pigment. 2-3 coats deepens them and packs more of a punch - it’s great to have that option.

Namesake of the collection, Joli Rouge is a beautiful neutral red and probably the most pigmented of the bunch. I recently had my hair coloured a deeper shade of red and find that neutral or blue reds work much better for me now than my usual orange toned ones, so this is perfect.

I expected Soft Plum to be my favourite of the bunch - and while I do love it, I’ve changed my mind about favourites every time I switch shades. There is a darker, more vampy plum in the collection, but I really like the softness of this one, which makes it more wearable to me.

Soft Berry is a terracotta toned nude shade and a perfect everyday lipstick. It makes my face look brighter and healthier, without looking overly made up. Possibly the perfect early Autumn pick?

There are lots more soft nude tones available in this line, along with very wearable deeper shades. I’m really enjoying the lightweight slick of colour, which feels like it’s protecting my lips from that fresh new nip in the air - and the slight sheen that makes lips look fuller and more healthy.

The new Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks, £19.50 are available now at House of Fraser, where you could save £10 as part of this month’s Beauty Confidential offer.

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