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We all have days when taking a few deep breaths and telling ourselves to snap out of it and get on with things just doesn’t cut it. Recently I’ve been reaching for Scentered 100% natural therapy balms when I have a bit of a moment. Created as an easy way to integrate the benefits of essential oils into everyday life - minus the faff of oil bottles and burners - Scentered is all about empowering us to cope with stresses and strains on-the-go. And feel more, you know… centred.

For me, the balancing act of looking after young children and working from home is usually the biggest challenge in terms of maintaining my ‘Zen’. I feel genuinely blessed to be able to spend so much time with them, but the work at home mum scenario has its pros & cons - and in all honesty, is not one I’d necessarily recommend (unless you have a lot of family support or are much more disciplined than me!) Over the school holidays I’ve been reaching for Stress Less balm (chamomile, neroli & mandarin) more often than I should probably admit.

On days when the kids are at Summer clubs - ie when I should get stuck into work - my instinct is of course to sit very still, enjoying the silence and hot, uninterrupted coffee, pretending to be a lady of leisure. This is when Focus balm kicks in (rosemary, mint and clary sage), recommended before important meetings or exams to boost mental alertness and performance. Blessed with the concentration levels of a gnat, I have to say that every little helps.

Thanks to the essential oil blends, Scentered balms smell good - to the extent that I’m happy to skip perfume and wear them instead - plus they’re so quick and easy to swipe on my wrists, temples and neck (am sometimes tempted to just paint my whole body with them). In all honesty, I have no idea how much of the benefits are due to the essential oils or if it’s a placebo effect, but hey - if it works.

While a swipe or six of balm may not *quite* transport me to the chilled Earth Mother, Career Woman and Domestic Goddess I aspire to be, they do seem to knock my rough edges off and feel comforting to use.  I’d describe the outcome as a bit like the feeling after you’ve lit a soothing candle - at times when you can’t because you’re on the bus, at an important meeting, or Sainsbury’s.

Scentered Balms are available at SpaceNK and are also available in Escape, Sleep Well and Love.

PS I like this bit too…

“The vision for Scentered is to not only empower women through the use of its products, but also through the sharing of its profits. To this end, 10% of net profit proudly supports Women for Women International, an organisation that empowers women to improve their lives, and rebuild communities in war-torn regions.”

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