NEOM Daily De-Stress Face, Body & hair Oil


Ever wish you could walk around all day wearing the scent of your favourite candle (just me)? Well now you can with NEOM’s newest launch, 3 head to toe Face, Body & Hair Oils to de-stress (Daily De-Stress), aid sleep (Intensive Night Repair) and lift mood (Daily Boost).

This one is designed to de-stress, but assuming that most of us wouldn’t argue with a daily dose of calm, there’s absolutely no need to restrict this to days when you’re in a tizz - and once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to. 

Daily De-Stress oil contains 97% certified organic essential oils of safflower, jojoba, lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood,  as well as Vitamins A and E. If you’ve tried NEOM’s popular Real Luxury line, you may recognise the main components here. I find the scent sophisticated, fresh and clean, yet soothing. While not described as a dry oil, it’s not far off - and certainly doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I like to use it on my upper body where I can benefit most from the scent and can be found reapplying it on my arms throughout the day or before bed and inhaling deeply. I really do find it incredibly relaxing to use in this way.


Packaging is on point: tall, slim glass bottle; fabric-effect label with glossy font, blonde wood lid. If I could change one thing, I’d add a pump, or some kind of stopper so that it’s easier to dispense without the risk of losing a single drop. It’s a big bottle and could absolutely be restricted to pulse points, neck and shoulders to help it last longer.


I haven’t tried this oil on my face, but do love to use it on my hair as well as body. I warm a few drops (roughly a quarter teaspoon) between my palms and rake it through my ends and mid lengths… a little goes a long way. I was surprised how quickly this smoothes my hair and love that I can catch the scent as blows in the wind!

{Sidenote: did anyone else used to fantasise about being *that* girl in the original Timotei ad? Ultimate Hair Flick, slow motion essential. Ahem.}

This oil can also be used as an overnight hair mask, with a tablespoon massaged in and then shampooed out in the morning. I can imagine this smelling incredible and ensuring the most peaceful night’s sleep ever. Must give it a go.  Top tip: apply hair masks a few hours before bed to allow them to soak in/dry and avoid a messy pillow. If you don’t have time to do this, tie hair up and wrap a towel around your pillow.

I think these new oils are a great addition to NEOM’s product line and hope to see them roll out additional products like this. Find NEOM Daily De-Stress Face, Body & Hair Oil here.

PS excuse the mix of photographic backgrounds as I tried to dodge small boys playing football in my garden!

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