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When applying sunscreen my face always comes first… I won’t even sit out for my morning cuppa without applying it. I’ve been around for long enough to discover that there are consequences for not doing so and don’t want to add to the damage of my misspent youth!  I’ve been testing some new formulas, which I’ve included alongside a couple of firm favourites. All of these can be worn under makeup - a priority for me as I always wear some kind of base and don’t want my sunscreen to interfere with it. If like me, you prefer a formula that sinks in quickly, doesn’t leave a greasy film, doesn’t break down your makeup or leave a white cast - read on to hear about my top picks.


TINTED  |  La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ is one of the most loved facial sunscreens out there - and with good reason. I’ve featured it a number of times over the past few years and tam loving he new Tinted Fluid formula. The tint is very slight and gives a subtle evening out of skin tone - great worn alone or under makeup. Note the word ‘Fluid’ - this is very runny, which gives it that lovely light texture on the skin and helps it sink in quickly. 

MATTE  |  Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF50 Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch is some kind of magic. This literally disappears as soon as I massage it into my skin. I mean it’s still there, protecting, but looks and feels invisible - a true matte formula. I don’t have any issues with oily skin, but if you do, this is an absolute winner. Of all the formulas I’ve tried, this one leaves the skin feeling like there’s nothing on it at all.


ALL ROUNDER  |  Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45 is one that I’ve raved about repeatedly and recommend to so many friends, who all love it. Another light textured lotion that sinks in quickly, is 100% non chemical and has a brightening effect on the skin. I love the tiny tube which makes it extra portable and great for travel.

SENSITIVE  |  Eucerin Sun Creme SPF30 Face Dry Skin is part of a skincare range for sensitive skins that I’ve been trying out recently - and I’m really impressed with their sunscreens. My skin does tend to feel extra parched in Summer and I like products that offer moisture without heaviness, which is exactly what this does. It’s a cream formula that blends into skin almost immediately, leaving it prepped for makeup. If you worry about sunscreens breaking you out, give this a go. Saying that, I think the issue of SPFs and breakouts is often that people don’t remove sunscreen efficiently - they definitely require a double cleanse.


NATURAL  |  If you prefer a more natural formula, you may like to try Melvita Prosun SPF30 with 100% mineral filters. Personally I wouldn’t opt for this one under makeup as it does leave a white cast and takes a bit longer to sink in, but the Buriti and Argan oils feel really nourishing and smell amazing. I also like the really thin nozzle which makes it easy to dispense a small amount at a time.

OVER MAKEUP  |  Most sunscreens only offer two hours of protection, so what about topping up throughout the day if you’re wearing makeup? Ultrasun Sunscreen really does offer all day protection (tested in Australia and Singapore) so I use this one when on holidays when I’m out and about in the sun all day and don’t want to worry about top ups. Alternatively, Ambre Solaire Sensitive Dry Touch Protection Mist SPF50 can be applied over makeup. It’s not designed for this, but it works - just be sure to keep your eyes closed or cover them with a scarf or hair band. NB this won’t double up the protection you’ve applied below makeup, but can be used as an alternative or for top ups over makeup or on bare skin.

IN SUMMARY  |  Clinique has been my go-to for the past two Summers and I can’t fault it, though currently reach for La Roche Posay the most as it’s such a lovely formula to use, I like the extra touch of skin-evening and it has the highest SPF factor - now that Summer has actually arrived! I opt for Vichy when I’m doing makeup in a rush and need it to sink in on contact (cos the LRP takes like 30 seconds). When my skin is playing up, I feel safe with the Eucerin as I know it won’t break me out, though none of these do to be fair. I use either the Vichy or Eucerin on my 10yo daughter, who dislikes the feeling of sunscreen on her skin, but is lily white, very blonde and burns easily without it.

Next up, SPFs for Body.

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