Little Ondine Peel Off Polish

Little Ondine nail polish is a new discovery for me. Made with natural ingredients, it has zero smell, dries fast and peels off - no base/ top coat or remover required. It looks fine with one coat, but I find that two give it more longevity. The formula - made of water, resin and colourants - is kind of stretchy, so doesn't chip, but starts to curl at the edges after a couple of days and lifts off satisfyingly in a single nail-shaped piece. Maybe not the best if you're after a long lasting mani, but I switch mine up a lot, so even regular polishes with top coat rarely last more than a few days. 

This really is the ultimate low maintenance nail polish and great for anyone trying to avoid chemicals - or even kids. (I mean it's great for kids, not for people trying to avoid kids!) 

It comes in 80+ colours, just as vibrant and super glossy as regular polishes - this shade is Lava and I think I'll try one of the glitters next. Glitter + easy removal = win:win for me! Actually it's just occurred to me that this glitter top coat over any regular polish would make sparkly nails a heckofalot easier. 

I got this one from Latest in Beauty, but you can buy Little Ondine polishes individually at or directly from where you can view the shades swatched on nails - love this! 
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