Top 5 Budget Lipsticks - Summer 2015


To me, Summer Lipsticks mean pops of bright colour, sheer, balmy textures and the quickest way to switch up your makeup for the warmer months. After testing multiple new formulas and colours, I’ve picked out my Top 10 Summer Lipsticks and divided them into budget and luxury lip picks. Starting with the budget options, these 5 offer a whole lotta happy lip at pocket friendly prices.  Starting from top left…

Models Own Semi Matt Lipstick in Hot Fuchsia - somewhere between fuchsia and a deep rose pink, this lipstick has a true semi-matt finish that doesn’t feel and great pigmentation. I’ve tried 5 of the 10 new shades and choosing a favourite was a close call, but I do love a bright pink in Summer! There are some beautiful red and coral shades in there too, definitely worth checking out.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Satin Matte in Pure Coral #450 - this colour reminds me of a juicy watermelon and it’s hard not to look at it without smiling - it really is one of those brighten up your face shades. I’ve been impressed with most shades in the new Expert Last line-up, the most pigmented options definitely winning me over. The texture is slightly sheer with a bit of a sheen and very comfortable on the lips. The only thing I’m not fussed about is the sweet scent, which I don’t notice a few mins after application. These are £1.99 people, I mean it’s rude not to at that price! 

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder (spelt like that on the tube) - this is pretty much a lip product of dreams for me as it combines intense pigmentation with a buttery soft texture, not a million miles from Clinique Pop Lips, except this one is 100% natural. It’s a twist-up crayon in a beautiful deep rosy pink and I’ve been wearing it a lot. 

Bourjois Aqua Laque in Appechissant - I like the Aqua Laque formula a lot… it feels slightly cooling on the lips and I’d describe the finish as mid-way between a lip gloss and lip lacquer (closer to the gloss end). This pinky, rosewood nude definite favourite and I reach for it regularly when I want to look a bit healthier without looking too made up.

Barry M Matte Me Up in Dress Rehearsal - the colour of this really won me over as it’s a lovely brown toned nude with a slight mauve undertone - and although the finish is matte, the texture feels creamy on application. I’m a fan of the twist-up mechanism too, but go easy as the bullet falls out quite easily and I’ve heard a few others say the same. 


The two that appealed to me most at first use were Models Own and NYC, as the colours are just gorgeous, but the ones I’ve actually worn the most are Burt Bees and Bourjois Aqua Laque, as I love how they feel on my lips as well as the colour.

Which lip colours do you like to wear in Summer?

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