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NEOM, maker of my favourite organic candles, has not only created a new home spa candle, but a work of art… I mean is it just me or is that drop of molten gold completely mesmerising? For years, NEOM has made candles and body products with therapeutic benefits, so combining the best of both just makes sense. This is exactly what they have done with the new Intensive Skin Treatment Candle… read on to find out how it works.

In March NEOM launched four Wellbeing spa treatments to help with sleep, stress, energy levels and mood. Hero product, the Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, was so popular that the team created one to help aid sleep and de-stressing at home, in its Tranquility and Real Luxury scents.

The candles are made with oils designed to be applied directly to the skin, with a really low melt point, so you light them for 15+ minutes, blow out and leave to cool for 2 minutes, then massage a little of the oil into skin. Pour directly from that pretty golden spout into your palm, then apply where needed… the oil feels pleasantly warm rather than hot.

The moisturising blend contains cocoa butter, soybean and almond oils in 100% natural vegetable wax. I find that I get enough oil for use after burning the candle for 5-10 minutes, but it’s nice to burn it for longer to fill the room with scent. NB the scent seems softer than with the main candle line, which I guess is to due to both the formula and percentage of essential oils suitable for skin application. Strange as it may sound, the warm oil feels really soothing and sinks in quickly - there’s no waxy residue, just deeply nourished, glowing skin - and of course the calming, therapeutic benefits of the oils. Mine is in the Tranquillity fragrance, which happens to be a NEOM favourite of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. 


I literally swooned when I opened this box - isn’t it beautiful? I think one of these would make such a thoughtful gift and the ultimate luxe home spa treatment. Burn the candle while you bathe, then work the oils into skin afterwards…


I love that NEOM called this an intensive skin treatment rather than a massage candle. To me, this dispels any ‘fuss’ surrounding its use and reassures us that it’s ok to use the oil on yourself whenever you need a little extra help sleeping, de-stressing or simply to feel pampered. We all deserve that, right?



If a portable relaxation aid is more your style, you may prefer NEOM’s other new release, miniature spray or roll-on treatment scents to instantly de-stress. On the Go Mist (spray) and Intensive Stress Relief Treatment (roll on) are the perfect pocket, handbag or travel size to deliver a dose of calm whenever, wherever.

These were inspired by NEOM’s independent survey on the state of women's stress levels, which revealed that 9 in 10 UK women are stressed and almost 60% of these women felt ‘more time’ would make them less stressed. 9 out of 10; that’s huge. As I sit here typing at midnight, I for one can definitely relate to the more time element. Juggling work, family and a home can be demanding… and I know that fitting in ‘me time’ always seems to come last on my list. I need to work on that!

Check out some feel good, chill-out tips in NEOM’s Wellbeing Magazine and look out for the mini fixes (£8 each) from 18th July. You can buy them two weeks before launch date here (see similar in the Essential De-Stress Kit). The Intense Skin Treatment Candles in Tranquility and Real Luxury (£36) are available at

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