Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion: my new hair must-have

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I’ve been a bit shy of texturising and salt sprays to date, having my own built-in texture (otherwise known as coarse frizzy hair) and while I did buy Bumble & Bumble’s original Surf Spray a few years ago, it wasn’t the one for me. The new Surf Infusion formula is a whole different animal, designed to work on all hair types, but specifically dry, coarse hair.

BENEFITS   This bi-phase oil and saltwater blend gives me frizz-free curls without the crunch. No more dry crispy locks, just incredible softness, shine and good texture… think definition and slightly mussed up curls. In fact my favourite way to use Surf Infusion is on freshly curled hair (usually done with Babyliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves - review here). Scrunched into curls that look a bit Shirley Temple, this lends a slightly rock’n’roll / surf chic edge. I also find it effective on roughly blow dried hair for a tousled-in-a-good-way wavy finish.

WHEN TO APPLY   It smells of tropical holiday heaven and is effective both on damp hair - to help form natural looking waves - and on dry hair for shine and definition. As my hair is quite dry I can get away with a double whammy, but restrict use to mid lengths and ends, or at least below ear level - a little goes a long way.

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WHAT’S IN IT?   Silicones are pretty high on the list, but I’m happy to use these on my hair and this does not leave my hair feeling silicone-y like some serums etc do - just me? There’s also lots of good stuff like softening coconut, mango seed, passion fruit and palm oils; coconut fruit and algae extracts to nourish and UV protection.

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TIPS   Shake the bottle before spritzing to mix up the ingredients for the perfect baby blue beachy hair cocktail. Surfers have been using hair oils to protect their locks for years… it makes sense. It’s not often I get this excited about a single hair product, but I have a feeling I’ll be using this daily, all Summer long.

Best for dry/coarse hair | shake well before use | avoid roots | you only need a little!

Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion, £21.50 is available now. (Get 500 points when you purchase at Boots.com)

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