Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino: Perfume Review

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I often think that really great perfume is reminiscent of wearing fabulous underwear in the sense of energy and empowerment it imbues. Paired with anything from a sharp suit to jeans and a tee, just knowing it’s there makes you feel good... spritz it on in the morning and you feel like you can take on the world, or at least Monday morning mundanities.

Tom Ford’s new Private Blend, Fleur de Portofino Eau de Parfum, is one of those fragrances - and not something I come across every day. While I enjoy perfume almost as much as makeup, few make my spirit soar like this citrus floral. The heavy glass turquoise and gold bottle *may* accelerate this feeling just a touch, not gonna lie.

As for the contents, my opening impression of Fleur de Portofino is of brightness: crisp green bergamot and fresh citrus with gently curved edges. It soon smoothes into warmth and softness through florals - jasmine, osmanthus and magnolia - into a silky finish with white vanilla and acacia honey.

‘Private Blend Fleur de Portofino is inspired by the cascades of white flowers that spill off the branches of the White Acacia beloved shade tree that dots the Mediterranean's gardens and lines its tranquil avenues.’  Tom Ford

It’s certainly more floral - and some might say feminine - than its predecessors, Neroli Portofino and Mandarino di Amalfi. Not a powerhouse, this wears quite close to my skin; distinct, yet light and airy with average longevity. While I’d call Fleur de Portofino a daytime scent, I would happily wear it on a Summer evening, preferably under the Mediterranean blossoms that inspired it.

Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino launches in the UK 1st June 2015, exclusive to Harrods for the first month. Available now in the US here.

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