New Clinique Cheek Pops: Melon Pop & Pink Pop Review & Swatches

Clinique Cheek Pops in Pink Pop & Melon Pop
My love for Clinique Cheek Pops is well documented on here and I’ve been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the new shades, which hit shelves 29 May. I have been trying out two of them, Pink Pop, a soft baby pink and Melon Pop, a peachy coral. Both are lighter than the first shades launched last year, though there’s a deeper Rosy Pop pink available too.

A quick reminder why these won me over, beyond the pretty gerbera design, cute colours and packaging… the formula is completely unique - better than NARS, Hourglass and Benefit, who’s blushes I also love. It feels almost waxy to the touch, appears slightly sheer on the cheeks, yet can be built up quickly - in intensity, not in texture. There’s no cakey powder on the skin, or any visible powder; instead it adds luminosity (not shimmer) and smoothes the skin’s appearance. Oh and it lasts all day, which no other blush does on me. All of this is why I added Cheek Pops to my Most Used Beauty Products of 2014.


My most used Cheek Pop from last year was Plum Pop, the coolest pink, which I often layered with Peach Pop for more of a coral tone. I no longer have to do this, as Melon Pop straddles both perfectly, in a pretty pinky coral. It’s definitely more pink toned than Peach Pop, and warmer than Plum Pop.

Pink Pop isn’t a gazillion miles from Plum Pop, but it is slightly softer and less blue/cool toned; a bit more pastel in colour. I’ve included swatches of the 2014 colours for comparison purposes.

Berry Pop is a stronger than Plum and Pink Pop, workable but a bit too strong for me. Ginger Pop is deeper and more brown toned than Peach Pop; again this shade didn’t really work for me (a friend and my sister were happy to take ownership of these two!).

Oh and in case you’re wondering, Melon Pop Cheek Pop is the perfect partner for the Pop Lip lipstick by the same name! I can’t get enough of these well pigmented, moisturising beauts either - see my full review here.

So in summary, I love the new Cheek Pops and change my mind daily about which is my favourite as I do like both… I’m 80% sure that Pink Pop is the one - it’s such a sweet, pretty pink. I have a feeling Melon Pop will work its way up when I’m a little more bronzed.

The new Clinique Cheek Pops launch 29 May, RRP £16.50 at 

PS my review of the original Cheek Pop shades with more detail on the formula is here if you fancy a read.  
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