Hylamide SubQ Advanced Serum: Eyes & Anti-Age


Remember how I raved about Deciem Hand Chemistry in this post and told you I was so impressed that I was considering using the products on my face? It happened. But the good news is that Deciem has gone one better and released new skincare products specifically for the face. Hylamide SubQ Advanced Serums launched in Boots today, promising results in 5-10 days - and having tried them out for two weeks I am happy (& slightly stunned) to concur that this claim is spot on.

There’s more coming soon (look out for a Booster Series in Summer), but the first two products to be released are Hylamide SubQ Advanced Serums - one for the Eyes and one for the face called Anti-Age. If you’re not familiar with Deciem, it was set up by the founder of Indeed Labs, Brandon Truaxe, and was Boots fastest-selling new brand launch, going on to win multiple awards.

Brandon made a very good point about skincare ingredients which really resonated with me: ‘While ingredients are truly important, a world-class chef and I can make a dish from the exact same ingredients with very different results (mine will be better!)… formulation absolutely matters.’

I have spent a lot of time researching the science behind these products, which I won’t go into now, but you can read for yourself here if you wish. To summarise, Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum is for ‘multi-depth rehydration and visible reduction in lines and irregularities’, while SubQ Eyes is for ‘immediate and longer-term visible correction of under-eye ageing, puffiness and dark circles.’

What’s different about these products is that they have been designed to penetrate skin at an effective level, unlike many others which contain molecules too large to penetrate the skin, or so small that they literally slip through without effect. Hylamide is formulated to target the 3 important skin layers and subcutaneous layers at once. 

Whoops, I said I wouldn’t go into the science but I’m so intrigued by all of this, not least because of the results I’ve seen on my own skin. You know how much skincare I test and that it takes a lot to impress me, but this really has - and I’m particularly pleased that the mid price point is so reasonable - neither cheap or extortionate.


Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age is a clear, lightweight serum that sinks in immediately, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and looking glowy. It has minimal scent and leaves no tacky residue.

Hylamide SubQ Eyes is a slightly more dense, milky serum, which also sinks in quickly and has a subtle tingly sensation (not at all uncomfortable). My only niggle about this one is that product collects a bit around the mouth of the bottle, as you may be able to see under the edges of the cap in my pic above; a minor thing that doesn’t interfere with product performance - I’m just flagging it.

Both operate with a pipette, making them extremely hygienic and easy to use. I purposely haven’t changed anything else in my skincare regime since using these, so that I can measure their effects accurately. Not having mentioned any of this, I visited my (skin and skincare obsessed) sister, who asked what on earth I’d been using as my skin looked so well and so smooth (she also said she couldn’t see a single line, but I took that bit with a pinch of salt!). 

The main changes I’ve noticed are that my skin looks brighter and my pores seem smaller. This is physically impossible, I know, as pores can not shrink, but they’re less visible. Fact. A temporary effect of the product I imagine, but one that I think most of us would embrace!

Enough raving? I think so.

Hylamide SubQ launches in Boots today: SubQ Eyes, £27 | SubQ Anti-Age, £30

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