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Hair care is such a subjective thing and how a product performs often depends on our hair type. As my hair can be quite unruly, I often need to invest in salon quality products to encourage it to behave, but just like makeup, the quality of budget products is on the increase. Here is a quick run-through on what’s in my hair cupboard (yes that’s a thing), including the products that worked for me and those that didn’t, but might work for you.


I’ve mentioned CoLab dry shampoo (on offer for £2.32!) around here before. Launched last year by blogger and YouTuber, A Model Recommends, its fantastic lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down, feel gritty or leave white residue. It refreshes my hair, helping me squeeze in an extra day before washing, and comes in numerous scents - London is my favourite. Sadly I can’t say the same for CoLab Extreme Volume, which had way too much grit for my hair, though may well work wonders on very fine hair. Shout out to the travel sizes, love!

Argan Secret Perfect End and OGX Kukui Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil are great styling products which can be used before and/or after heat styling. Perfect End smoothes and separates, making my hair look defined and piece-y rather than poodle-like, while Kukui oil tames frizz, adds shines and leaves locks smelling amazing.

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer is a spray on product that disguises roots to help eek out the time between salon visits. I hoped that either Dark Blonde or Warm Brown would work on my hair, but it looks like I’ll need to hold out for a redhead version… fingers crossed as I think this is a genius product. Try spraying onto a piece of foil, then painting onto hair with an old paintbrush for a natural finish.

I’m a big fan of my handbag sized tin of Bouffe Fixing Spray, which gives me hold without stickiness. To be fair, I don’t actually need to carry it around very often as its lasting power is so impressive that even morning after hair looks ok. Shame I can’t say the same for my face…

If you’re after a multi-tasking hair product then Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Primer is a great pick… don’t be put off by the oil element as it’s truly invisible. Made with feather light oils that don’t *feel* oily on the hair, this nourishes while keeping frizz and tangles at bay, adding heat protection and shine. It can be used alone or as a base product (just like makeup primer) layered under your regular styling products to add oomph to their performance.

OGX-Anti-Frizz-Shampoo, Mane Tail-Shampoo-Conditioner,John-Frieda-Miracle-Shampoo-Conditioner


As the name and jolly packaging suggest, Mane’n’Tail was created as a grooming product for horses - and is still used for this purpose. Word soon spread on the benefits for human hair after a horse owner used it on her own mane and loved the results; A-list celebs caught on, raved about it and a new phenomenon was born. I was sent this months ago and am not gonna lie, it took me a while to try it as I felt slightly uncomfortable about the whole concept. It works ok on my hair - I neither loved nor hated it - but am not a big fan of the texture and haven’t quite got my head around the horse thing. I do realise that maybe I’m the weird one here… horses for courses and all that (sorry, couldn’t resist).

OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo & Conditioner is another duo that the entire world and its wife adore, but although it smelt and felt divine, leaving my hair super soft, the Defrizz side of the Hydrate & Defrizz formula just wasn’t happening for me. I’ve gone back to this again and again as I really wanted it to work, but I guess there’s always one - and it’s impossible for every product to suit all of us. I’ll stick with the Hydrating Oil and try another shampoo from the range to see how I get on.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery is an impressive duo at a reasonable price, which did what it says on the tube and helped smooth my hair while keeping the appearance of frizz at bay. Designed for dry, damaged, unruly, curly hair (all the ticks) it performs well, smells good and lathers nicely.

Have you tried any of these - and which hair products are you loving (or not) these days? I’ll be back with some high end hair favourites soon…

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