Seven Seas Perfect7: an update


As someone who regularly trials skincare products and examines the results under a mega magnifying mirror (scary things), I’m very conscious that my skin reflects what’s happening on the inside, no matter which products I apply. I’m talking what I put into my mouth via my diet, how I feel in terms of hormones and emotions, how much sleep I get - the lot. I do believe that supplements can help and Perfect7 Woman is designed to ensure that we get all the nutrients we need to help maintain normal skin and nails. I find this particularly useful in Winter when I’m prone to reaching for comfort foods, with less salads, brightly coloured veg and juices than in Summer.

You may remember that I started taking Seven Seas Perfect7 in December and said I’d get back to you on the effects. It contains a blend of marine oils, rich in Omega-3, with key vitamins and minerals; the marine oils help maintain normal heart and brain function, while vitamins and minerals help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

At 8 weeks in, I’m happy to say that I have noticed positive results - and I do think that it takes a few weeks of build up with any supplement to see a marked difference - so don’t expect miracles overnight. For me, the biggest difference is in my nails and eyelashes… my nails in particular tend to really suffer in Winter, becoming more brittle and dehydrated with dry cuticles. They now feel as strong as they would if I’d be using a specific nail treatment, my cuticles are quite presentable and I have to get the nail file out twice as often as usual, so they’re definitely growing faster. As for my lashes, they are genuinely as long as if I’d used a lash treatment serum - and we all know my lashes are kinda pathetic - so this is a significant bonus for me… I now look like I have normal lashes!

In terms of my skin, it’s difficult to make a call because of the skincare I’ve been testing alongside taking these, but a particularly nasty patch of dry itchy skin on my arm has all but disappeared. I’m sure the fish oils have benefitted my hair too, but without getting all scientific, it’s difficult to measure these things accurately.

For me, a big bonus of this supplement is the price. At £9.99 per month, it’s definitely a cost I can afford to maintain and judging by the benefits so far, I fully intend to. Each pack includes 30 fish oil capsules and 30 multivitamins, so you take one of each per day.


Find out more about Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman (& Man!) at  (ps currently on 3 for 2 at Boots)


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