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Seven Seas has launched a new supplement to address first signs of ageing and help support the body from the inside… Perfect7 is a unique blend of marine oils, rich in Omega-3, and key vitamins and minerals.

Perfect7 contains marine oils to help maintain normal heart and brain function, and vitamins and minerals to help contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue. I know my body will benefit from the extra nutrition at this time of year, when my skin in particular tends to show the effects of a little more partying than usual! One of the external signs of a healthy body is good skin and Perfect7 Woman is designed to provide the nutrients to help maintain normal skin and nails from the inside.


I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to downing any kind of vitamins, so was relieved to find these very easy to take; they are not too large and don’t have any smell, which I’m very happy about! Each pack contains two sheets: one with vitamins and minerals and one a fish oil capsule, so I’ve been take one of each per day. I’ve been meaning to take a fish oil supplement for a while - I tried with several liquid formulas and just couldn’t hack it, so capsules are best for me! perfect7

Men and women are not the same - especially when it comes to ageing. This is why Seven Seas has developed two distinct formulations for Perfect7 Woman and Perfect7 Man. The pic below (back of box) explains the 7 key benefits of Perfect7 Woman. 


I started taking Perfect7 last week and will continue to do so for the next 3 months - I’ll report back on how I’m getting on in the New Year!

 Seven Seas Perfect7

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