KIKO Lips Seduction: Red Berries Ice Cream


KIKO Lips Seduction is a perfect gift for all ages; beautifully presented, a pleasure to use - and practical! Less Scarlet Woman than it looks, this little set is all about glamorous lip maintenance. The pot contains Red Berries Ice Cream lip scrub that looks and tastes sooo good (oh yes I did!). Essentially an exfoliator for lips, I gently massage this in to get rid of any dry flaky bits, then slick on the Kiss Balm for a Shea Butter packed sheer red sheen. The tinted lip balm in red metallic casing adds a little colour while keeping lips really comfortable… a great option for anyone wary of a full-on red pout and an easy daytime lip look. I’d happily buy one of these sets for all of my friends!

KIKO Lips Seduction comes in 3 flavours: Candy Canes, Orange & Cinnamon or Berries Ice Cream, priced at £11.90 each here. Alternatively you can choose from 7 shades of Kiss Balm for £5.90 each here and you’ll find all of them in-store at KIKO shops. Free online delivery with the code: XMASKIKO14 until 15 December.

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