Filorga BB Perfect & a party trick!

Filorga-BB-Perfect Filorga-BB-Perfect-Swatches-Radiant-Amber, Golden-Sand, Radiant-Beige-03-02-01Filorga-BB-Perfect-Swatches-Radiant-Amber, Golden-Sand, Radiant-Beige 

For me, a BB cream has got to be more than a tinted moisturiser to hold my attention, so choosing one from a skincare brand I already love is a good place to start. Filorga BB-Perfect has been around for a while now and the brand has just added a deeper shade, Radiant Amber for tanned to dark skins. The product claims tick 3 important boxes for me: increase radiance, decrease redness and improve skin hydration, thanks to hyaluronic acid. The texture feels very comfortable on my skin, with just enough coverage to ‘take the bad look off me’ as my mum would say!

While I’m too pale for the lightest shade at the moment (01/ 02 would work for me in Summer), I was really pleased to discover how well Radiant Beige works to even out skin tone on my neck and (slightly deeper) d├ęcolletage. Not something I’d use everyday of course, but on the cusp of party season, this will be a godsend with a low cut dress or top! I’ve tried the same trick with foundation, which looks obvious and frankly ridiculous on me… this is easier, more skin enhancing than self tan and invisible to the naked eye.

If you have deeper skin than me and enjoy skin-boosting sheer coverage, you may like to give this a go.

Filorga is available at and I recommend checking out their skincare too.

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