Barry M Nails AW 2014: Glitterati to Gloss


I’ve mentioned Barry M’s AW 2014 nail releases in previous posts, which deserve an ode of their own, so here are swatches of the shades I have with some notes on my picks of the bunch. With classy gloss crèmes, silk finishes, brightly coloured fine glitters and dramatic chunky glitters, I think there’s something for everyone here.


Let’s start with a run through of the shade names & finishes…

{1-5 are chunky glitters; 6-8 AW Classic glossy crèmes; 9-11 Silk finish; 12-17 Glitterati; 18 two-tone metallic}

  1. Atlantis - super chunky rainbow glitter, 2 coats
  2. Twilight (exclusive to Tesco) - mix of fine & chunky silver glitter, 2 coats
  3. Atlantis (over Nightshade) - 1 coat
  4. Twilight (over Nightshade) - 1 coat
  5. Starlet (over Nightshade) - fine coral/bronze glitter, 2 coats
  6. Ballerina - dusky pink glossy crème
  7. Vintage Violet - dusky plum glossy crème
  8. Nightshade - blackened plum glossy crème
  9. Orchid - deep purple silk finish
  10. Poppy - rich red silk finish
  11. Forest - deep teal silk finish
  12. Rockstar - fine silver glitter in sheer black base
  13. Catwalk Queen - fine glitter in sheer aqua green base
  14. VIP - fine glitter in sheer turquoise base
  15. Fashion Icon - fine glitter in sheer purple base
  16. Socialite - fine glitter in sheer bright pink base
  17. Starlet - fine copper glitter in sheer coral base
  18. Persian - purple/gold metallic duochrome

BarryM-Atlantis Twilight-glitter-polish-swatches BarryM-AW-Classics  BarryM-Glitterati-swatches BarryM-Forest-Poppy-Orchid-swatches-Silk-Nail-Paints-Aw-2014

My favourites are Atlantis (no 1), a mega chunky rainbow glitter that’s part of the Aquarium collection; Starlet (no 5), a fine coral glitter which looks amazing alone or over a darker shade (see no 5) and Vintage Violet (no 7) a dusky plum that I’ve been wearing a lot in recent weeks. I know lots of you have already picked this up and fallen hard for it since I swatched it in this post. The Silks are my least fave as personally I prefer a glossy finish.

(Sidenote: Persian (no 18), a duochrome purple/gold almost petrol-like metallic reminds me of Nubar Peacock Feathers, a discontinued cult favourite which some of you nailistas may remember? It was a deeper purple with a greeny-gold duochrome, but this is the closest I’ve seen. The duochrome effect can be best seen in the very top pic.)

As it took me a while to find the various finishes online, here are individual links:

Glitterati, £3.99 | Chunky glitter/duochrome, £3.99 | Classic Glossy Crèmes, £2.99 | Silks, £3.99 

Any of these jumping out at you?

PS you can see some of them on my nails on my INSTAGRAM (from pinkie: 17, 13, 4, 14 & 1 - all applied over 8, Nightshade) .


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