The New Nude Nail


If, like me, you scanned LFW catwalks (online obvs, boo), for upcoming beauty trends, you would be forgiven for thinking that many of the models had missed their manicure appointments. Of course none of this apparent nudeness was coincidental - with nails buffed, preened and polished within an inch of their lives - complementing SS 2015 styling with a clean, fresh look.

Meet the New Nude Nail: more than just a polish, these products come with built in benefits, paired with a sophisticated, chic and understated look. Today’s line-up includes three new releases to help recreate this look at home - for an enviable is-she-or-isn’t-she? mani.


ORLY BB Crème | The next best thing to make-up for nails, the humble BB Cream has relocated from faces to fingertips. ORLY BB Crème brightens, smoothes and protects nails from UV rays, leaving them looking natural, but better. It dries to a slightly peach toned smooth finish that’s neither shiny nor matte, concealing any bumps, ridges or dry patches - and can be worn alone or under colour.  While the cynic in me is a bit ‘seriously?’ about this, I am drawn to the idea of a well hydrated, smooth finish. ORLY BB Crème hasn’t usurped my beloved ORLY Bonder Base Coat, but it does prep nails nicely and makes a good base for colour. This would be a great option for anyone not officially supposed to paint their nails due to work or school regulations, for a completely natural but well groomed finish.

Best for: the truly au natural gal or guy | anyone prone to ridges, dryness or flaking


Nails Inc Bright Street NailKale Illuminator | If you’re after a nail-kind option with a little bit more look-at-me, check out NailKale Illuminator, as seen on the Preen SS 2015 catwalk. NailKale is made with strengthening kale extract, comes in a range of colours and described as a ‘superfood nail product’. I must admit I’m completely smitten with the finish of this - shown above with one coat (left) and two (right). Pearlescent particles brighten the nail bed and whiten tips, giving an allover healthy looking, glossy nail. Two coats creates a slightly blue tinge, which I quite like, but may be best reserved for Summer when my skin isn’t of a matching hue. Shout out to the glam packaging and a practical small black lid concealed below the chunky chrome top.

Best for: fans of a glossy-but-groomed finish | anyone with discoloured nails | lovers of understated chic


MICRO-Nail | For the devoted home manicurist who prefers nails that are literally bare, yet perfectly groomed, this new release by the makers of the award-winning MICRO Pedi (a rather genius foot smoother) enables a salon mani finish at home. Battery operated, it comes with two rollers: one to buff, smooth and reduce staining and one to shine for an impressive instant glassy finish. It takes minutes to use and is very straightforward to operate… designed to be used every two weeks for 2 seconds max on each nail.  I think it will take me a few more goes to achieve an evenly buffed finish (I was scared to overdo it and missed a few patches close to my cuticles), but was still impressed by the results.


The above picture was taken one week after using MICRO Nail. I left one hand bare and painted over the other to see if it would reduce the shine; it didn’t (this was the hand that had been painted). While I’m a self confessed polish addict, I always give my nails a break between colours and love how smooth and shiny this makes them look and feel. The finish looks shinier in real life - I struggled to capture it on camera, but literally looks like you’re wearing a clear gloss or have rubbed oil into your nails. You could probably achieve similar results with traditional buffing boards, but gadget girls will love this!

Best for: Non-Nail Polish fans | true nailistas | those after a salon finish at home

(PS please ignore the slight discolouration on my nails - punishment for doing them without base coat ONCE - rage!)

Of these three options, my favourite is the Nails Inc NailKale - I still feel like I’m wearing nail polish and think the finish looks sophisticated and chic. Are you a fan of the New Nudes? 

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