Sore Skin Saviour: Human+Kind Family Remedy Cream

Human Kind-Family-Remedy-Cream,Hand-Foot-Elbow-Cream Human Kind-Family-Remedy-Cream

I mentioned Human Kind Family Remedy Cream in a recent post as a remedy for insect bites and cuts, but have come back to it as it’s since been declared a miracle cure in our home. If you suffer from any kind of skin irritation, you’ll know how all encompassing and completely distracting it can be (I’ve been there). Recently, my husband had an ever-increasing patch of psoriasis around his wrist, which had been torturous all Summer and seemed to be getting worse rather than better. After applying Family Remedy Cream to the area just twice he saw positive results - and a week later, the skin was completely clear.

I asked him to explain what had happened: “I had a rash, psoriasis I think. I put the cream on it and the rash went away a good bit.”

I prompted for a little more detail: “If I stop using the cream, it comes back a bit, but then goes away when I use it again.”

Men’s Grooming Bloggers of the world, you can all relax now… (He has expressed greater enthusiasm when unprompted, promise - and experienced great relief.)

You get the picture, right? This little tube of wonder works amazingly well to bring rapid relief to skin irritations. It contains 15 natural ingredients - including aloe vera, birch, marshmallow and calendula - and has been claimed to relieve the symptoms of:

- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Acne prone skin
- Sunburn
- Insect bites and stings
- Itching
- Athlete's foot
- Razor burn
- Minor burns
- Cold and bed sores
- Wounds and cuts
- Brittle nails.

We will never be without it from now on! ps the hand cream, also pictured above is beaut too

Human+Kind Family Remedy Cream, £11.50

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