Regenerate Enamel Science Toothpaste & Boosting Serum

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A new toothpaste and serum system claim to be the first product that can actually regenerate tooth enamel - by 82% in three days - leading to smoother, stronger, whiter teeth.

Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste contains calcium silicate and sodium phosphate to help re-build a new layer of white enamel on teeth. Inspired by bone repair technology and developed after 9 years of research - in collaboration with dental experts from International Oral Health Research Centres - the science behind it all will be published in the Journal of Dentistry.

“…when enamel – the outermost protective layer of our teeth – is lost, our body cannot regenerate it. This product is the world’s first system able to reverse the early, invisible stages of this erosion process and regenerate enamel with exactly the same mineral tooth enamel is made of.”

The Boosting Serum (sold separately) is designed for use in conjunction with the toothpaste and claims to increase effectiveness by 43%.  This involves mixing a gel and activator in custom-fit mouth trays and using for 3 minutes x 3 consecutive days each month to sustain results.

Regenerate-toothpaste serum-system


I’ve been using the toothpaste on its own twice a day for one month and noticed a slight whitening (it also contains fine glitter sparkle, which I’m not so fussed on and am careful to rinse off). Besides that it’s pleasant to use, tastes minty like regular toothpaste and leaves my teeth looking and feeling clean. After one month I also used the Boosting Serum system and noticed that my teeth appeared to whiten a little more over the 3 days (while some whitening is a bonus effect, this isn’t primarily a whitening product). Not the most pleasant or glamorous product I’ve ever tested, but at least it only has to be left on for 3 minutes and I didn’t experience any discomfort or sensitivity during or after use.

I honestly can’t tell if my tooth enamel has been restored and think this is something only a dental professional could measure accurately, but if enamel loss or damage is a concern for you, this kit might be worth a go.

Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste, £10

Regenerate Enamel Science Boosting Serum, £30

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